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Is Vaping the Best Way to Consume CBD?

Is Vaping the Best Way to Consume CBD?

By Grow How

Over the past year or so, the market for CBD products has exploded in terms of both size and variety. Even in markets where the vast majority of cannabis products remain illegal, low-THC CBD products are now permitted. The result of which has been equally explosive growth in demand for and consumption of a dizzying a variety of CBD products.

Unsurprisingly, the debate as to which CBD consumption method is ‘best’ continues to rage. Some swear by CBD products in the form of sweets and lozenges, others on more about topicals and tinctures. But there’s also a growing audience of CBD users who insist vaping really is the way to go.

An Alternative to Smoking

One of the most popular CBD consumption methods throughout recent history has been smoking CBD joints. In some regions, actually getting hold of CBD-heavy cannabis flowers can be difficult, impossible or illegal. Where CBD-heavy cannabis use is permitted, rolling and smoking joints in the traditional manner remains hugely popular.

Along with an effective way of consuming CBD, some simply enjoy the fragrance, flavour and all-round ceremony that accompanies smoking joints.

However, experts continue to advise CBD users that smoking remains the least healthy CBD consumption method. While there’s no hard evidence to suggest that smoking cannabis can have long-term effects on human health, smoking any kind of plant matter can irritate the airways and lungs. The more you smoke, the greater the irritation.

As CBD is consumed exclusively for therapeutic purposes, an ingestion method that minimises or eliminates irritation is seen as a more sensible alternative.

CBD Creams, Salves, Balms

Right at the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s already a huge market for CBD topicals. Such products are designed to be applied directly to the skin, typically for the treatment of localised ailments. Research has suggested that CBD topicals can transfer trace amounts of CBD into the body, but not nearly on the same scale as with inhalation or edible CBD products.

CBD topicals can therefore be great for localised issues, but may not represent a suitable replacement for inhalation.

Vaporising CBD

This is precisely where the efficiency and effectiveness of vaporisation comes into play. The science of vaporisation tells us that to vaporise CBD and inhale the resulting vapour affords the user a variety of benefits, including but not limited to the following:

  • Versatility
  • Efficacy
  • Acceptability
  • Accessibility
  • Fewer Health Implications

Today’s most advanced vaporisation devices and related accessories are incredibly versatile and easy to use. It’s simply a case of reaching for your favourite vape pen, hitting the button and inhaling as normal.

Evidence would also seem to suggest that vaporisation is an exponentially more efficient method of consumption than combustion. By heating the CBD product to a precise temperature, the device ensures efficient release of the cannabinoids for a purer, more consistent result. To put it another way, a hit using a vape pen can be far purer and more potent than a comparable pipe or joint hit.

Then there’s the way in which vaporisation has far fewer health implications than smoking. The inhalation of vapour resulting in far less irritation of the lungs and airways. Vaping can also make it quick and easy to take whatever dose of CBD you require, any time of day or night.

So, Is Vaping Best?

Referring back to the initial question, it is (as usual) purely a judgment call. If you enjoy vaping, it’s by far one of the most effective, convenient and consistent ways of consuming CBD.

It’s not necessarily ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than any other consumption method, but it definitely has its fair share of selling points.

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