Vaporization has well and truly worked its way into mainstream cannabis culture. Once considered something of a niche fad that appealed to hipsters only, the potential benefits of vaporizing cannabis are now accepted by most. 

Even if joints and bongs are your preferred consumption methods, you’ll have acknowledged the appeal of vaping. 

But in terms of like-for-like performance and enjoyment, which is better? Is there a superior cannabis consumption method, or is it simply a case of personal preferences?


The Benefits of Vaporizing

The answer depends entirely on who you ask, as personal preference does indeed play a role. It’s like attempting to label Sativa or Indica weed ‘better’ than its counterpart - purely a judgment call.

Nevertheless, there are certain undeniable advantages to vaping that are worth considering. The most prominent and appealing of which being as follows:


  • It is (probably) healthier than smoking

First up, there’s still insufficient evidence available to declare vaping safe. In fact, studies continue to suggest that the long-term effects of vaping on the lungs and airways might not be quite as superficial as once theorized.

But what’s abundantly clear at this point is that inhaling vapor in general isn’t nearly as harsh or abrasive on the lungs and airways as inhaling smoke. Where physicians recommend medical cannabis, they unanimously recommend vaping over smoking. Not that this means that vaping is ‘healthy’ in the traditional sense, but it’s probably better for your body than smoking.


  • Vaping is more efficient 

This means that however much THC there is in the cannabis you consume, you’ll get more of it into your body by vaping. It’s estimated that up to 50% of the cannabinoids and compounds in cannabis are lost before taking a hit of a joint. After which, the inefficiency of the combustion process sees a further 20% lost during the inhalation process.

When weed is heated to a precise temperature in a sealed chamber, there’s little to no loss of cannabinoid content whatsoever. Pound for pound, vaping can therefore get you much higher with the same amount of cannabis that smoking joints the conventional way.


  • It’s a more flavorful experience

The fact that vaping delivers a much more potent and untainted dose of terpenes also means a much more flavorful experience for the user. If you’re the type that’s all about picking up the subtle nuances in your favorite cannabis strains, you’ll find vaping way tastier than toking 

Though some firmly believe that combustion adds its own all-important flavors to the mix, so this is again a judgment call. 


  • More precise control

The intensity of the high you experience when vaping is affected by the temperature to which the cannabis is heated. With a high-end vaporizer, you have the option of setting this temperature with pinpoint precision, thus enabling you to take precise control over the intensity of the high.

Temperature control can also make a difference to the potency of certain flavors released while vaping, making for an even more decadent experience.


  • It’s a far more discreet consumption method

If all this wasn’t enough, a further point of appeal is how discreet vaping can be. You need no paraphernalia other than the vape pen itself, which at the top of a button produces a wave of invisible vapor and helps you keep things under wraps.

Perfect for travelling, or in instances where you wouldn’t get away with calling out a gargantuan bong!

Whether or not vaping is ‘better’ than smoking is purely a judgment call, but the advantages of giving vaping a try are hard to deny.

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