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Jamaica is About to Have the World’s Coolest Airports

Jamaica is About to Have the World’s Coolest Airports

By Grow How

It’s enough to make you green with envy. That is of course, unless you happen to already live there, are planning to relocate there in the near future or simply have the intention of spending your holidays there from now on. We are of course talking about Jamaica, which contrary to popular belief only went ahead and decriminalised marijuana in February this year. It may be one of the places in the world most commonly associated with smoking copious amounts of pot, but it still was in every sense completely illegal until just a few months ago.


Needless to say, ever since the effort was made to remove somewhat outdated and pointless cannabis law and legislation, those in charge have been exploring (exploiting?) an extraordinary variety of ways and means by which to make the most of the country’s new liberal attitudes. We’ve come across a variety of interesting methods of commercialising cannabis and getting it out into the public, but we have to say that so far Jamaica takes the top prize.


How exactly? Simple really – the country will soon be installing automated cannabis dispensers at its airports, in order to make it as easy to get hold of cannabis as it is to take cash out of an ATM. Suffice to say, they’ve made it abundantly clear that their primary goal is to ensure that not only is cannabis readily available, but that it is readily available quite literally the minute tourists step of the plane and enter the country.


It’s all the work of the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA), which is frantically beavering away on all manner of ideas for cashing in on marijuana sales, after the decision was made to legalise it. If you’ve been doing your homework on the whole thing, you may be aware of the fact that it will still be necessary to obtain a special license in order to legally purchase, carry and make use of up to 2 ounces of weed at any one time.  Those who fail to do so are liable to be ticketed by the police and fined somewhere in the region of £3, though realistically you are more likely to bump into the ghost of Bob Marley.


Just to make sure that as many people as possible stay on the straight and narrow, they will also be setting up dedicated desks at the Airport itself where the necessary licenses can be obtained. Which basically means that from stepping off the plane to walking out of the arrivals halls, you will be able to score yourself a license to legally purchase some of the best cannabis in the world and then go and do exactly that from a nearby vending machine.


As mentioned earlier, it really is enough to make you green with envy.


Unsurprisingly, the cannabis industry in Jamaica has exploded in size and complexity over the past few months, with so many looking to make the most of the new relaxed legislation. This has prompted the Cannabis Licensing Authority to work as hard and fast as possible in the turning over of new policy and legislation on commercial cannabis, in order to ensure that things don’t go entirely out of control. But when you are presented with the idea of cannabis vending machines at the Airport, you sort of get the idea they aren’t particularly interested in keeping a lid on things.


Which is good…at least for those lucky enough to be there.


Can you even begin to envisage a day when you’ll be able to pick up a hefty bag of Kush from a vending machine at Heathrow Airport after touching down from your holidays.


Me neither, unfortunately.



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