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K2 Crisis Highlights the Need for Sensible Cannabis Law

K2 Crisis Highlights the Need for Sensible Cannabis Law

By Grow How

Across New York state, record numbers of citizens are finding themselves on the receiving end of horrific experiences attributed to K2. Also known by a wide variety of other names, synthetic cannabis is proving to be both big business and a big problem. With more than 130 people having been rushed to the ER in just three days, it’s becoming abundantly clear that the K2 crisis is worsening.


All of which is hardly surprising, given the way in which each and every bag of the stuff contains a fundamentally different cocktail of chemicals. You’ve no idea what’s in it, you’ve no idea what you’re smoking and so you’ve no idea what effect it will have on your body. But above and beyond the obvious dangers of K2, this on-going spike in the number of people putting themselves in harm’s way strongly underlines one very important point:


Cannabis policy needs to be altered radically and quickly.


The simple fact of the matter is that all over the United States – not the mention the UK – drug policy is based on fear, rather than facts. Instead of taking a proactive approach to drug control, management and education, the government instead prefers to tell the public that drugs are evil and so too are those using them. Instead of providing help and support, they dole out punishments. Not only this, but in making it both difficult and illegal to get hold of massively beneficial and safe substances like marijuana, availability is decreased, prices go up and millions find themselves unable to access what they want and need.


Unable to access real cannabis – safe cannabis – they instead turn to readily available synthetic cannabis. Massively cheaper and easier to get hold of, though extremely harmful and potentially deadly.


The simple fact of the matter is that of the thousands of ER admissions and 10 deaths to date attributed directly to K2 use, absolutely every last one of them could have been prevented if those involved were using actual cannabis instead. Not only has cannabis never been directly linked with a single fatality, but it is also borderline impossible to overdose on the stuff. You can overdo it, but a clinical overdose that puts your life on the line – it’s pretty much unheard of.


These are facts.


Another point of appeal for those taking chances with K2 is the fact that unlike cannabis, it cannot be detected by way of conventional drug tests. Even in states where marijuana has been legalised for recreational use, businesses still have federal law on their side if they decide to fire workers that use pot in their own time. So once again, thousands make the decision to experiment with K2 instead – completely and utterly ridiculous given the legal status of cannabis.


Despite having declared war on K2, local and national government offices are facing a near-impossible task. The reason being that synthetic cannabis is so incredibly cheap and easy to cook up that the market is already flooded with the stuff. Not only this, but with no specific formula to speak of, anyone wishing to do so can spray random leaves with random chemicals and label it as synthetic cannabis.


Which is exactly what they do.


If lawmakers were to begin approaching the subject of cannabis control with a shred of common sense, there would be no place for drugs like K2 on the market. They simply wouldn’t exist, meaning that every dangerous and deadly incident involving them could also be prevented entirely.


But no…it apparently makes more sense to criminalise something that’s safe, beneficial and 100% natural, in order to force the public to take their lives in their own hands with dangerous alternatives.


21st century logic at its finest.




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