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Keeping it Quiet: 5 Strains with Discreet Aromas

Keeping it Quiet: 5 Strains with Discreet Aromas

By Grow How

Cannabis cultivation may have been legalised across much of the United States, but there are still reasons when you might want to practice discretion. It could be that you’d prefer not to alert would-be burglars to your crop of top-shelf bud. Or maybe you don’t want to get on the wrong side of your neighbours.

In any case, cultivating cannabis discreetly brings its own unique challenges. None more than dealing with the distinct and decidedly pungent fragrance of quality cannabis.

Of course, technology can play a role in keeping fragrances under control.Setting yourself up with a decent extraction/filtration system being one of the options available. But if you’d prefer to keep an everyday, small-scale and low-budget grow space under wraps, it’s far easier to focus on strains with discreet aromas.

Contrary to popular belief, selecting a strain with a more modest aroma doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality. Try your hand with any of the following five for the total package of discretion and truly decadent weed come harvest time:

Sugar Pop

First up, Sugar Pop promises pretty extensive rewards for those who give it just the right amount of TLC. The plants themselves emit a very mild fragrance, which bursts into life when the buds are properly cured and ignited. There’s a wonderful sweetness to the flavour profile, leaving behind a complex and enjoyable aftertaste that lingers indefinitely. THC content hovers around the 18% mark, while the flowering period normally lasts around 65 days. Yields can be as generous as 500g for every square metre of grow space.

Northern Lights

A strain that needs absolutely no introduction, Northern Lights is one of the most iconic cannabis specimens of all time. Easy to grow, resistant to common plant problems and capable of producing exceptional yields, this pure-indica also has discretion written all over it. Northern Lights produces a distinct pine-fresh fragrance during the flowering period, which doesn’t have that quintessential/unmistakable dank cannabis funk to it. Again, yields of approximately 500g for every square metre of grow space are possible, with flowering times in the region of eight weeks.

Pink Plant

One of the most beautiful strains you’re ever likely to set eyes on, Pink Plant produces enchanting pink and purple colours as it reaches maturity. During the flowering stage, Pink Plant is characterised by a distinctly fruity flavour with an undertone of eucalyptus. Even if the fragrance is picked up by anyone else, they won’t suspect even for a moment you’re cultivating cannabis. THC levels of around 18% are the norm, along with 55-day flowering times and medium yields. Wonderful to look at and even more of a treat to smoke, Pink Plant is definitely worth trying out if you come across it.

Mataró Blue

Also relatively difficult to track down, Mataró Blue is an indica-dominant hybrid that routinely produces a whopping 600g of cannabis for every square metre of grow space. With a flowering time that rarely exceeds 55 days, it’s great for getting the job done when time is a factor. Again, the subtle fragrances emitted during the flowering stage are more reminiscent of flowers and sweet earthy tones than the usual cannabis funk. With a THC content as high as 20%, Mataró Blue has the potential to pack a punch.


Last but not least, Kalichakra is another excellent choice for anyone looking to keep the cultivation activities under wraps. A robust and resistant specimen, Kalichakra is easy to grow indoors or out, with flowering times in the region of 60 days. Give Kalichakra plenty of space to do its thing and you could be looking at up to 1kg of cannabis for every square metre of outdoor grow space. THC content comes in at around the 18%, while the fragrance of the fresh flowers is reminiscent of minty-lemon.

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