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Legalise MDMA and Weed in Scotland – The Call of One Professor David Nutt

Legalise MDMA and Weed in Scotland – The Call of One Professor David Nutt

By Grow How

As the world continues to vie for a more sensible and realistic approach to marijuana control and legalisation, Scotland could soon become the first place in the UK where both weed and MDMA may in theory be taken legally. Of course, it’s not quite as easy as just being able to pop out for a bag of ecstasy tabs or a few buds from your local corner store, but if former UK chief drug adviser professor David Nutt gets his way, there will be ways and means to get your hands on both drugs north of the Scottish border without breaking the law.


The only proviso being that you’ll have to be struck down with a pretty unpleasant illness in order to qualify…which is a bit of a bummer.


Nutt is right now based at Imperial College London, where he regularly shares his views on the kinds of subjects lawmakers and politicians are scared to death of. He became famous and infamous several times over during his time as chief drug adviser to the UK government, having on multiple occasions told the grey-haired rulers of the land that their eons-old policies are totally counterproductive and need to be changed. He also advocated the legalisation of various drugs during his time, but was in each and every instance shot down by his peers and superiors…none of whom have more knowledge on advanced clinical drug matters than you or I.


Nice to know the words of experts are taken seriously in this country by our leaders, isn’t it?


Anyway, eventually Mr. Nutt was of course sacked from his job, having been found guilty of telling the truth in a manner that his superiors didn’t appreciate. Luckily for us, he’s still doing his thing though in a slightly less official capacity and has once again insisted that the legalisation of certain drugs for research purposes is a bit of a no-brainer for the benefit of all of us.


 ‘Scotland has its own health service and it’s perfectly possible for Scotland to say we want to start developing cannabis and MDMA medicines that would have a massive impact on not only the patient base in Scotland but also on the economy of Scotland,’ he said.


He was reaching out to the SNP with his comments, who he clearly hoped won’t respond quite as badly as the Labour party did when they threw him out on his ass for apparently overstepping the mark. Apparently hard scientific facts are not conclusive enough for most of the blinkered oafs in power.


‘If it turns out the SNP have some influence in the next government this could be one of the things they call for because you don’t have to change the Misuse of Drugs Act, all you have to do is change the schedules, which doesn’t even need an act of parliament, so that, in Scotland, cannabis and MDMA could be medicines,’ he added.


Of course, critics have already hit back by saying the idea of this happening in Scotland anytime soon is pure fantasy. Unless grand changes are made for the UK as a whole, there’s pretty much no chance of Scotland being able to take such a significant step forward on its own. Had it gone for full independence from the UK, then maybe…you’re probably starting to wish you’d voted now, right?


But no matter what your views on legalisation of things like MDMA are…that would prove quite interesting for the first few weeks at least…there’s no denying that by disallowing the scientific community from getting its hands on so many drugs, they’re denying the public access to the thousands of beneficial drugs and treatments that might be there ready for the taking but are wholly out of reach due to archaic laws.


We like Mr. Nutt…he’s one of us!


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