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Lung Busters: How to Avoid Coughing Fits

Lung Busters: How to Avoid Coughing Fits

By Grow How

Every cannabis smoker without exception has experienced a coughing fit to end all coughing fits. It’s simply a rite of passage you can’t avoid. As time passes, however the ability to take an enormous bong rip as smoothly as a breath of fresh air becomes something of a status symbol.

We mock our buddies who can’t handle a heavy hit, but we probably shouldn’t.

Cannabis coughing fits can be unpleasant, but aren’t typically a cause for concern. Nevertheless, if you’re the type of person who struggles to take even a modest hit without coughing, it can be hard to enjoy the experience in general.

If it makes you feel any better, sensitivity to cannabis and a tendency to cough isn’t what you’d call rare. In fact, it affects a surprising proportion of cannabis users. Best of all, there’s a fair amount you can do to bring things back under control.

If cannabis coughing is ruining both your enjoyment and your image, here are a few things you can do to ease your suffering:

1) Add a Diffuser to Your Bong
If bong hits are your thing, you could always try adding a diffuser or percolator to your favourite contraption. Without filtering any of the goodies you want in your body, percolators add a further water chamber to the bong. This can significantly cool the smoke on its passage from the bowl, resulting in a smoother and more enjoyable experience. Likewise, diffusers ensure that when the smoke reaches the main water chamber, it does so in smaller amounts and is therefore more effectively processed. A great way of taking the edge off harsher cannabis strains, without affecting their flavour of potency.

2) Take Smaller Hits
It may be obvious, but it’s also the most effective way of avoiding a potentially humiliating coughing fit. If your entire body feels as if it’s going to explode after a massive bong rip, why not start taking smaller hits on a more regular basis? The idea being that rather than subjecting your throat and lungs to a thick cloud of heavy smoke, you inhale a little, give yourself time to refresh and go back for more. You’ll still get every bit as baked as you want to be, it’ll just take a little more time to get there.

3) Opt for Edibles or a Vape Pen
If you reach a point where inhaling cannabis smoke in general is becoming a pain in the backside, don’t despair. There’s always the option of opting for edibles, or trying your luck with a vape pen. In both instances, you actually stand to get even better value for money from the cannabis you buy/grow. Both eating and vaping cannabis can be far more efficient ingestion methods than traditional smoking. Even if, not quite as ceremonious, admittedly.

4) Try Different Cannabis Strains
It’s worth remembering that it could simply be down to your choice of cannabis strains. Some strains are naturally harsher and exponentially more difficult to deal with than others. Before going nuclear, why not use your sensitive lungs as an excuse to experiment with a whole bunch of new strains? Sooner or later, you’ll find something in there that gets the job done, without the need to cough yourself inside out.

5) Sip Icy Water
Last but not least, cannabis is naturally dehydrating, and the inhalation of smoke is always going to irritate your airways. Hence, it simply makes sense to keep plenty of icy water with you at all times. Before, during and after cannabis consumption, keep a close eye on your hydration levels. And just for the record, the answer is no - alcohol does not represent a viable alternative to icy’ll just make things worse.

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