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Marijuana – The Brand New, Wholly Ancient Aphrodisiac

Marijuana – The Brand New, Wholly Ancient Aphrodisiac

By Grow How

If you ask the average hard-line stoner about the subject, chances are they’ll tell you that everything on Earth is made way, way better after a joint or two. Think of anything at all and whether or not it’s a good idea, it tends to be way more fun when high. Eating for example is a biggie – the kind of stuff you wouldn’t normally go near suddenly becomes borderline orgasmic after a few tokes. Laying in the sun takes on a whole new level of awesomeness, music is beyond the brilliance of anything else imaginable and your favourite movies and computer games are more epic than epicness.


So yeah, there’s no denying that doing some things on weed aren’t a good idea – driving, performing surgery and attending job interviews for example – but the rest of the time, it’s all about making everything better. Really, everything! For those lucky sods in Colorado lapping it up morning noon and night…well, no sense in getting bitter about it but, you know.


But here’s the thing – as time moves on and the guys on the other side of the pond are getting to know weed more intimately than the rest of us ever might, intimacy is becoming a big, big subject. Or to put it another way, ask one Maureen O’Connor of NY Mag’s The Cut and she’ll tell you that while weed’s been well-knowing for bringing a little sunshine into lives for some time, it was known long before as a natural aphrodisiac. Call it natural Viagra, a sexual stimulant or anything else you like but the same rings true – good weed can and does lead to even greater time between the sheets.


Now, you might be thinking this makes little to no sense…what with good weed being more likely to slow you down than speed you up. Well, it apparently comes down to the fact that weed has the potential to not only help those with long-standing difficulties reaching climax to get where they’re going, but those with no such difficulties are guaranteed more explosive results than ever before.


So, while it might sound like a pain-in-the-ass effort at the time, we’re reliably told that the results are more than worth the hard work!


Of course, O’Connor has only one example of about a bazillion people that swear by the power of weed when it comes to bedroom gymnastics. But the thing is, it’s only as of now as our lucky friends to the west get busy without breaking the law that real focus has been paid to the various ins and outs of weed…no pun intended.


If you were to ask the average stoner whether orgasms while high are way better, chances are they’ll tell you it’s because you already feel pretty damn good prior and during, so why not even better at the end? Sensible and believable enough, but there’s also some science to the whole thing that’s always nice to flaunt in the face of skeptics and smug critics.


“That CB1 receptor seems to be involved in improved tactile sensations and general euphoria,” Dr. Mitch Earleywine, a psychology professor at SUNY Albany. Within the nervous system, CB1 receptors are turned on in a sense by THC, which is of course packed in heavy doses in good weed. Which basically means it’s not just your imagination, but that weed really does make orgasms better – and way better at that.


Add all of the above together with the fact that weed is about the best thing on Earth for relieving sexual tension and relaxing after a heavy workout and you have yourself a whole new reason for toking by twilight. Or in the morning. Or anywhere that takes your fancy, if the two of you are game!






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