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Marijuana on the Menu – Apparently So, Soon Enough

Here’s a question – will using weed as a staple ingredient in various dishes on sale in restaurants ever be a thing? Like in the same way that cannabis edibles are already pretty popular, will a time come when you can head out for a posh dinner and order food that’s laced with the good stuff? Well, it may sound like a far-fetched concept…on this side of the pond especially…but as far as Steve Fox, director of VS Strategies, counsel at Vicente Sederberg LLC is concerned, it’s a no-brainer that’s going to be happening sooner rather than later.


Fox was a panellist at the recent "Marijuana on the Menu" session at the 2015 National Restaurant Association Show – the man himself being one of the most outspoken and important voices in the fight for legalisation since 2002. Along with doing his best to tell America and the world that pot criminalization is a pathetic waste of time (preach!) he’s also been something of a one-man campaign to educate the public on marijuana’s clear health benefits.


Now, things have of course come a hell of a long way in Colorado since weed was set free among the public, but for the time being at least there are still heavy restrictions in place. For example, a fair few weed shops are doing a roaring trade, but in terms of restaurants there still isn’t a single establishment that can legally sell pot to diners in any way, shape or form. But as far as he’s concerned, it’s only a matter of time before ordering up weed in an eatery will be just as permitted and normal as ordering a round of beers.


"It's not unreasonable to think that over time social cannabis use will be as acceptable as alcohol use," Fox said.


"The world is open right now for innovation in terms of infused products, and different technology that might be used to infuse products."


There are already certain establishments in Colorado that have found a way of getting around the law. There’s a loophole in there to do with the legality of allowing weed to be smoked in public, which is something a few places have gotten around by setting up private members clubs – i.e. becoming anything but public places. But still, it’s an imperfect exploitation of a loophole guaranteed to be closed eventually, which is why Fox and Co. are gunning for something more open and sustainable.


To say that weed has caught the eye of chefs and culinary types would be quite the understatement to say the least. Quite simply, it’s tipped to be the biggest thing since sliced bread to hit menus across a few (very) lucky regions sooner or later. It’s all well and good to munch down a batch of brownies just to benefit from a THC kick, but actually using the flavours of quality buds to make incredible foods – well, that’s something that’s gonna change the weed world in a big way.


Think about it – when you pick up a seriously fragrant bud that smacks of pineapple or citrus, the kinds of amazing things a good chef could cook up with them could be out of this world. What’s more, the fact that nobody’s really doing it right now…at least in a commercial sense...means that the first guys n’ gals to start cooking gourmet food with weed like this are guaranteed their place in the marijuana history books.


Hardly surprising, therefore, that so many are now hankering after the same as the fantastic Mr. Fox and his friends – an expansion of the law that will, at least to some extent, put marijuana on the menu once and for all.


Dreamy stuff, isn’t it?



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