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Marijuana Munching – Ten Rules To Abide By

Marijuana Munching – Ten Rules To Abide By

By Grow How

Since weed was granted legal status in Colorado, there’s been a steady stream of reports concerning those chowing down on marijuana edibles and losing the plot entirely. Having only just arrived on the market, these tempting treats are in many cases being totally taken for granted as simple smoking alternatives by those not realising the kind of wallop that weed can deliver when eaten.


Done properly, eating weed can be awesome – a strong hit, longer-lasting effects and any of course we barely need an excuse to eat something tasty. However, cross the line into over-consumption and you’re looking at an eight-hour experience you’ll be glad to see the back of.


Should all of this put anyone off eating marijuana edibles on the whole? Hell no – all such accounts are basically illustrations of the fact that most people can’t be bothered to find out what they’re dealing with before jumping in at the deep end. Going well and truly over the top with cannabis edibles is no new thing, but, given the newfound legal status in various regions, it should be on a downward trend – talking about it for one thing has never been illegal!


With this in mind, here’s a quick look at the ten most important rules for getting the most enjoyment out of wholly delicious marijuana edibles:


Rule 1 – Small Doses

Never forget that quite to the contrary of taking a bong hit, you won’t feel much after eating weed for a couple of hours or so…maybe longer. And that’s where folk go off the deep end as they end up losing patience, eating a quadruple dose in 30 minutes and wonder why after a few hours they’ve lost all sense of reality. It takes time and boy does it pack a punch, so the most important rule of all is to give it the time it needs and eat small doses.


Rule 2 – Make it Obvious

If you plan on making a bunch of biscuits or brownies loaded with weed, don’t make the all-too common mistake of making them look identical to the standard baked goods you churn out. The last thing you want is for you, or anyone else for that matter, to grab a handful not realising what they are and shovel them down before heading out to work…or for a drive. Make it obvious what they are and who they’re for!


Rule 3 – Eat, But Don’t Drink

Mixing alcohol with weed isn’t usually the best idea for anyone – even life-long smokers tend to find it a tricky combo to pull off. But when it comes to eating weed, things are all the more severe as when the two mix in your belly and do their business together, chances are it won’t be long until the room is spinning and your breakfast makes a repeat appearance.


Rule 4 – Line Your Stomach

Empty stomachs are bad news for marijuana edibles and should be avoided at all costs. Sure, it’ll get into your system quicker, but at the same time it will make the sensitive lining of your belly all the more likely to kick up a stink and let you know you’ve p****d it off.


Rule 5 – Leave Tons of Time

You might think it’s of little to no harm to smoke a joint in the morning and then go for a drive in the afternoon, but any weed you eat will in most cases continue doing its work for hours longer than smoked pot. It’s therefore a good idea to make sure there’s nowhere you need to be and nothing you need to do – at least not for the rest of the day, anyway.


Rule 6 – First Timers Should Buddy Up

It might seem harmless to drop your first ever weed edible on your own just to see what it does, but in effect you’re technically playing with a drug you’ve never tried before…at least in terms of its effects. So really, it’s better to use the excuse to be social and make sure there’s at least one other person there at the time – ideally someone that won’t end up completely out of it in two hours’ time.


Rule 7 – Beware the Share

You might be having the time of your life, but be extremely careful not to let your generosity get the better of you. Handing out a few cookies to newcomers might seem like a good idea at the time, but there’s a good reason why Amsterdam’s coffee shops pulled weed edibles off the menu for tourists before anything else…which shouldn’t need explaining again.


Rule 8 – Food on Standby

It’s also a good idea to keep some regular food to hand as eating this stuff will help make sure the weed you eat gets somewhat diluted in your belly and works its magic on a more controlled level. It’s a bit like being sprinkled with niceness over time as opposed to having it blasted into your face with a shotgun.


Rule 9 – Panic Not

The most important thing to remember if you do get carried away with weed edibles is that if you stay cool, calm and collected, you’ll be absolutely fine in a day or so. Chances are it’ll be out of your system enough in 10 hours to allow you get a ton of sleep, after which you’ll be right as rain. The worst thing you can do is worry – there’s really nothing to worry about!


Rule 10 – Don’t Lie

Last but not least, never under any circumstances trick someone else into eating a weed edible without them realising it. This immediately sets them up for a pretty awful experience when they find out and the very best you can hope for is never being trusted again. If things go really south however, the high could kick in just as they start driving or operating machinery and you’ll find yourself in jail…just saying!

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