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Marijuana Mythbusting – Ever Read Into These Beauties?

Marijuana Mythbusting – Ever Read Into These Beauties?

By Grow How

Anyone and everyone with an interest in marijuana cultivation knows someone…or maybe a friend of a friend…with a weird and wonderful secret for successful growing on an epic scale. You get told that that missing ingredient is day-old cat food which when mixed with a drop of oven cleaner and sprinkle of magic dust results in the kind of growth you’d have thought impossible.

And that’s because it is impossible – wild and wacky theories tend for the most part to be the work of pure fantasy about 99.9% of the time, even if they do sound like a good bit of fun. It’s not as if everything in the world’s already been tried out and it’s always great to hear of committed cannabis cultivators experimenting with pretty much anything they can get their hands on. The secret however is to take the hint where there’s one to work with – if any of the crazy stories you have heard were actually true, the guys discovering them would be making a killing by selling them online…which of course they aren’t.

So just to put things into a bit of context with a few examples, here’s a quick look at some of the most common, and in some cases comical, weed growing myths you might have fallen for at some point…if you’re honest:

Myth – Bog Standard Plant Food is an Elixir of Life

Truth – No, it’s not!

The number of people getting busy right now with Miracle Gro for their cannabis plants…well, let’s just say it’s more than a few handfuls. It’s been assumed for years that these kinds of plant foods are good for weed growing, when in reality they aren’t – nothing of the sort in fact.

It’s an assumption born from the belief that marijuana is just another plant like any other in the house, therefore should behave the same and need the same stuff. This is where things start to go wrong because in order to grow strong marijuana plants the nutrients you provide need to be changed and modified at various stages throughout the growing cycle, meaning that these kinds of all-in-one feeding solutions are not the way to go.

What’s more, a pretty epic proportion of standard plant formulas like these have way, way too much nitrogen in them which won’t do your plants any good at all during flowering phases. Yes, they’ll grow and no, you won’t kill them, but you’ll end up with a ton of leaf burn and the kinds of buds you’ll need a magnifying glass to even know they’re there…a bit of a fail therefore. Choose a product that’s been well and truly certified for this kind of use…unofficial as said certification may be…and keep clear of the generic alternatives.

Myth – Leaf Point Numbers Tell You Whether the Plant is Male or Female

Truth – Wrong

There are plenty of theories out there on this one and some folk will swear on the lives of everyone they’ve ever met that a certain number of leaves points means that the plant is male or female. Back on planet Earth, however, this is absolutely completely and totally not the case…not a bit…nope.

While there are plenty of ways – some more complicated than others – of working out whether it’s a little boy or girl you’ve given life to, counting the points of any number of leaves will get you nowhere. And to that end, it’s also a myth that it is in any way possible to determine the sex of a cannabis plant with a simple visual check prior to its entering of its flowering stage – they’re masters at hiding their identity until they’re good and ready to show it off.

Myth – Peeing in the Soil is a Good Idea As it Makes the Buds Stronger

Truth – There’s No Point

A myth that’s as old as the hills and does at least have some truth in it. First of all, peeing straight into the plant pot is a bad idea – the stuff might be way too strong and pretty much annihilate the quality of the soil and thus deliver a painful wallop to the plant as a whole. Not only this, but it’ll end up stinking.

However, there’s something to be said for diluted urine as the minerals within this apparent ‘yellow gold’ can help nourish the soil and put some of the good stuff back. As such, you’d be forgiven for thinking that doing so was and is a good idea, but it’s not…there’s really no point at all.

Why? Well, for the simple reason that when the time comes to give your soil a dose of goodness and replenish its nitrogen content, this is precisely the role of the cheap and simple feeding liquids and supplements you should be using anyway. So not only is there really nothing to gain from resorting to the pee plan, you really have no idea what’s actually in your pee at the time you use it without carrying out detailed lab analysis…which you won’t.

Myth – Indoor Plants Do Fine with Minimal Light and Energy

Truth – No They Don’t – Grow Bright or Don’t Grow at All

Thousands of newbie growers set up their mini-farms in any given rooms of the home and wonder why it is that their plants don’t grow nearly as big or strong as the pictures they’ve drooled over online. The answer – chances are you’re not giving them nearly as much light as they need.

The trouble is that far too many think they’re doing all the right things by using energy-saving bulbs, which claim to deliver a billion watts of power for like 1p every decade. Sadly, this often isn’t the case and is exactly why successful growers tend to invest big bucks in HID grow lights and have monthly electricity bills the likes of which would make any grown man’s eyes water. Cheap out on light and you’re in for a let-down.

Myth – Weed is a Weed, So Can Just be Planted and Forgotten About

Truth - Sure, If You’re Not Bothered About Yield…or Lifespan

Last up, yes, it’s possible to whack a load of seeds in the ground and just wait for the results – weed plants grow pretty easy. However, working this way will reward you with a plant that’s not only likely to wilt and die almost as soon as it appears, but also produce (literally) less than 1% of the good stuff you’d get from a plant you actually cared for.

It’s a prime example of getting out exactly what you put in – choose to slack off if you like, but don’t moan when you’re rewarded with jack.



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