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Marijuana Skincare – A Growing Movement Worth Checking Out

Marijuana Skincare – A Growing Movement Worth Checking Out

By Colorado Charman

So it’s hardly a secret at this point in time that when grown, processed, handled and used with care, weed has the potential to be quite miraculously therapeutic. We know it’s brilliant for folks with various awful diseases and we’re slowly but surely learning about how it can improve general day to day physical and mental health – the fun side of the whole thing being an added bonus.


But while the majority of researchers are focusing their efforts on what pot and extracts thereof do to the body when ingested, a select few others are investigating weed’s external effects. The simple truth here being that if you haven’t already come across or even tried out cannabis oil-based skin products, chances are you will in the very near future.


Now, it’s worth noting that this end of the research pool is rather more shallow than the other – there aren’t quite as many folk smearing their skin with weed’s goodies as there are chasing internal benefits. However, various trials have been carried out over recent years and have in many instances returned pretty encouraging results. Some insist that cannabis-infused massage oils are relaxing on an altogether higher level, others have spoken of experiencing remarkable relief from long-standing muscle and joint pains while some have spoken of skin conditions and injuries healing and repairing much more quickly and effectively.


Suffice to say word as to the potential for cannabis-creams and skin treatments got out pretty quick and there are already a fair few brands putting their names to a wide variety of pot-based preparations. That being said, the weed skincare industry scoops up only a fraction of a per cent of the world’s $3.6 billion market for cannabis products – 54% going to edibles and the rest being accounted for by smokables. Still, huge strides are being made to make cannabis skincare much more of a thing than it is right now, with brands in Colorado, Washington and California generally leading the charge.


Why all the fuss? Well, it’s all about the way in which pot’s active ingredients work with the natural cannabinoids in the human body to help reduce inflammation and work against pain. There’s even THC in certain immune cells of the human body, so it’s sort of a no-brainer that using this natural extract in a therapeutic manner would be beneficial and enjoyable…which apparently, it very much is.


Here are a few pointers from the experts for anyone interested in giving cannabis-based skincare products a shot in the near future:


  • Concentrations – It’s not really of any benefit to choose a product that’s 99.9% other ingredients with just a passing nod to weed. If the pot extract isn’t one of the top-three ingredients, chances are it’s not worth bothering with.


  • Other Ingredients – Be sure to check out what else goes into the product itself as again it’s of no use to choose a product featuring quality weed extract if the rest of the ingredients are pure garbage or synthetic chemicals.


  • Fragrances – In terms of fragrance choices, there’s evidence to suggest that cannabis skincare products with the addition of peppermint work even more effectively and intensively than those without.


  • Seal of Approval – Don’t forget that when picking up cannabis products in the United States, they tend to be extremely heavily regulated just as other pot products. So for the real deal…in a legal sense anyway…you need to look for the respective state’s stamp of approval.


  • DIY – Of course, there’s nothing to stop you making your own weed skincare products at home. There are thousands of brilliant recipes online and most call for little more than a bit of Shea butter, a few essential oils of your choice and some quality weed extract.






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