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Marijuana Testing – Reducing the Odds of Getting Busted

Marijuana Testing – Reducing the Odds of Getting Busted

By Grow How

Have you ever found yourself looking a police officer in the eye and being downright terrified you might be busted for smoking or carrying weed? It’s pretty hard to keep your composure – especially if you’ve just picked up a batch of pot seeds and other gear that could prompt a few awkward questions.


As weed becomes more widely tolerated across much of the world, it’s a scenario that’s getting more and more familiar all the time. Even today, the average weed smoker is guaranteed to fear the possible consequences of their choices, each time they venture out.


You Know the Rules!

Now, anyone with a shred of sanity would agree that driving, operating heavy machinery and generally doing jobs of any kind of responsibility while high is bad news. But when it comes to ensuring you don’t get busted with residual cannabis in your system, is there any way you can improve your odds?


Well, first of all you need to think about exactly what kinds of testing you’re out to avoid and by whom. These days, there are plenty of businesses in a variety of sectors that ask their applicants to undergo drug tests. In these instances, your options are clear – you either have to quit for a few weeks to get yourself clear, or apply elsewhere.


As for the drug tests carried out by police officers, the biggest problem is the fact that their tests are actually designed to measure levels of THC-COOH – which is the metabolised form of THC. Or in other words, they aren’t testing how high you are at the time. The same result could technically indicate that the driver had been smoking just a few hours before driving (bad idea) or instead got baked three days ago at a house party (no problems there). Of course, such measures are needed to keep the roads safe, but there can be very few on either side of the argument who believe the current approach to be in any way fair or accurate.


Quite simply…it isn’t!


Coy, Savvy and Smooth

Which is why it’s best to avoiding finding yourself in a situation where you’re likely to be asked to undergo such a test in the first place. If you get pulled over, there’s very little to do other than try to keep your cool and behave sensibly…easier said than done twice over.


Check out the following checklist featuring a few simple tips and tricks from seasoned stoners, on how to minimise the likelihood of landing in an awkward spot:


As already mentioned, it might be a good idea not to bother applying to companies that insist on carrying out drug tests as standard. You’ll probably be wasting your time and theirs.


If you know you have a test coming up in the future, give it a minimum of 14 days without smoking – ideally closer to 6 weeks if possible.


If you are high, don’t drive – even if you still feel pretty much capable.


Watch your speed and avoid the temptation to drive too slow. It’s a characteristic side of a stoned (or recently stoned) driver the cops never fail to pick up on.


As discriminatory as it sounds…and is…you’re far less likely to draw attention to yourself if your car is in decent condition and kept immaculately clean. Chances are you’ve got more important things to do with your time, but every little bit helps.


If you do get pulled over, try to remain as calm, casual and personable as possible. Don’t get carried away with unnecessary formalities and don’t become defensive.


If you have weed seeds on your person, you only need to say that you buy marijuana seeds for novelty or ornamental purposes – neither of which are illegal.


It never hurts to have your ‘essential’ allergy medication clearly visible, which might just explain your red eyes and general appearance.


Last up, never admit to having smoked weed if you are asked by a policeman. This guarantees a test while in most instances when you deny it they won’t bother organising one.


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