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Mendo Breath

Mendo Breath

By Grow How

Some cannabis strains are all about getting fired up and motivated, while others are more about blissful tranquillity and relaxation. Mendo Breath is a quintessential example of the latter, replacing everyday stress and malaise with a feeling of utter contentment. Mendo Breath combines the genetics of OG Kush Breath and Mendo Montage, resulting in a beautifully balanced hybrid that’s sweeter than the sweetest sugary treats. An exceptional end of day smoke, Mendo Breath is ideal for times when all you want to do is nothing at all.

General Characteristics

A decent batch of Mendo Breath will have a THC concentration somewhere in the region of 20%, which translates to a potent and powerful hit. On the nose, Mendo Breath buds emit a mouthwatering vanilla and caramel fragrance, with such a huge amount of sweetness you can’t help but dive right in. The buds present a plethora of beautiful mint-green colours, interspersed with bold orange hairs and a rich coating of sticky trichomes. Everything about Mendo Breath looks and smells good enough to eat, but it’s combustion that really brings this stuff to light.

Both the caramel and vanilla notes of the flowers are intensified enormously when Mendo Breath is burned, resulting in a rich and stick-sweet smoke that lingers indefinitely.It’s a gorgeously dense and decadent experience, which somehow isn’t remotely cough-inducing. If anything, the smooth and mellow nature of the smoke gives no indication as to how potent and powerful a good batch of Mendo Breath can be.

Mendo Breath Effects

A single deep hit is all that’s needed to feel an immediate mood-boost and a sense of cerebral elevation. Mendo Breath has a tendency to quickly bring about a state of complete and near-overwhelming euphoria, combined with a heavy body stone and a deep sense of lethargy. In no time at all, the couch is guaranteed to become your best friend and perhaps your only friend for the next few hours.

Couchlock is all but unavoidable with heavy or prolonged consumption, by which point you’ll be incapable of doing anything but enjoy the ride. As the high progresses, everything bothering you from your day/week/month/life disappears into a haze of blissful nothingness. A perfect smoke for the end of the day, Mendo Breath will have you drifting away into the best night’s sleep you’ve had in a long time.

Mendo Breath Medical Applications

In medical cannabis circles, Mendo Breath is revered for its capacity to knock insomnia and sleep disorders clear into the middle of next week. In addition, the physically relaxing properties of Mendo Breath make it great as an organic treatment for headaches, muscle spasms and even chronic pain.

Used strategically in carefully administered doses, Mendo Breath can be used to treat mild depression and everyday stress. Certain mood disorders are also known to respond well to the measured intake of Mendo Breath. However, it has a tendency to be extremely hard-hitting with a heavy and prolonged cerebral high. As a result, Mendo Breath is not recommended for individuals with a low THC tolerance, or anyone prone to anxiety or panic attacks.

Growing Mendo Breath

Another welcome notch to its belt, Mendo Breath is just about as easy to grow as it gets. Suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation in most environments, flowering times come in at a modest eight weeks and yields can be generous to say the least. Mendo Breath is a robust and resistant specimen, which asks very little of the grower and yet gives so much in return.

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You had to pick the name of the strain what would it be
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