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Mixing Buds with Beer – Generally a Bad Idea, However…

Mixing Buds with Beer – Generally a Bad Idea, However…

By Grow How

If there’s one golden rule to follow when it comes to getting the most from your buds, it’s to give the beer a miss. From the coffee shops of Amsterdam to the frat parties of Colorado, anyone with half a brain cell will tell you that mixing the two is a bad idea. Of course, the same could also be said for drinking too much, smoking too much or hitting on someone you really shouldn’t – all equally bad ideas but things you’re probably going to do regardless. As such, it’s inevitable that 99% of those who know mixing booze and buds is a bad idea will probably ignore it at least once or twice every now and then, so in reality it’s probably more logical to serve up a few tips on doing it safely.


Well, the word ‘safe’ probably isn’t appropriate – let’s just say less likely to land you in the emergency room…or a fight you’re never gonna win.


Keep it Light

If you absolutely must drink booze with your buds, the number-one rule of all is to be careful with the alcohol strength. It’s one thing to get half way down a beer and realise you’re not feeling great, but neck a half-dozen shots of Jaeger right after a bong hit and…well, let’s just say brace yourself. Even the best of us can get caught off guard by hard-liquor from time to time, so the idea of mixing it with weed is a bit like playing a game with fate you’re probably not going to come out of on top.


Take it Steady

The same also applies to the speed at which you neck the stuff – now more than ever you could do with exercising a little restraint. The slower you drink, the better the chance you have of realising when you hit that wall and know that now’s the time to stop. If you chug things down like you’re in a race, you might sail clean past this wall and end up knocking on the door of pure hell before you know it. The faster you drink, the harder it hits you and the bigger the chance of your night ending too soon…bummer.


Eat Something Nasty

Getting away with a buds n’ booze combo is tricky – doing so with an empty belly is borderline impossible. It’s no secret that drinking with nothing inside is a sure-fire recipe for becoming immediately drunk and ending up sick as a dog – let’s not forget that the same can also be true for weed…at least if you’re hitting it heavy. The best advice therefore is to not only eat something, but eat something ahead of time that’s borderline nasty and guaranteed to put up a good defence to what you’re about to inflict on yourself. Suffice to say, a small salad ain’t gonna cut it.


Don’t Do It Alone

Unless you’re a seasoned veteran at the practice, don’t fall into the trap of toking and drinking alone. It’s so easy to take that one tiny step too far that lands you in a situation you just can’t handle, so it’s good to have someone there with you. And for that matter, if you’re new to the idea and not sure how you’ll react, make sure you’re either at home or as close to where you live/somewhere to stay as possible.


Prepare to Land

Last but not least, don’t forget to factor in the way in which you’ll be looking at fighting off two very different hangovers the next day which can combine to create an almighty mind-scramble. Suffice to say, unless you got at least the next day off with no real plans, mixing probably isn’t the smartest idea.





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