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A Few More Things You Never Knew About Cannabis

A Few More Things You Never Knew About Cannabis

By Grow How

Every now and again, you find out a little snippet about cannabis that makes you fall in love with quality bud even deeper than you already are. And even if it’s not a particularly useful fact, it’s just the kind of thing to bring up next time you’re having a social smoke to prove just what kind of smart-ass you really are.


So as a public service and to arm you with more than enough semi-interesting factoids for your next smoke, here’s a quick rundown of just a few partially revealing facts about cannabis there’s no way you knew before today:


Pigs in Bhutan are Fed Marijuana to Make Them Fatter
This particular fact has been written off as a myth dozens of times, but really is as true as it gets. And feel free to look it up if you don’t believe us. Basically, a bunch of farmers in Bhutan have for some time been tapping into the incredible power and mystery of the marijuana munchies. As with most farmers, they want their pigs to be as fat, healthy and happy as possible. Which in turn means they want them to eat as much as possible – why not feed them marijuana to give them the munchies? And that’s exactly what they do…as a lifestyle habit. It’s kind of interesting to think that if you found yourself eating a bacon sandwich after being hit by the munchies, the pig you are eating might taste good entirely because it was deliberately given the marijuana munchies a while back!


Marijuana Dispensaries Outnumber Starbucks in Denver
This is precisely the kind of fact that is guaranteed to make you ridiculously jealous, unless of course you are already lucky enough to live in Colorado. It’s not as if Denver is unlike anywhere else when it comes to there being way too many Starbucks all over the place. As of right now are however, this one city alone is home to more marijuana dispensaries than Starbucks – a whopping 300+ of them. So while half the world still has to struggle every single time even a scrap of bud is craved, these guys are pretty much tripping over dispensaries, left, right and centre.


To Overdose On Marijuana You Would Need to Consume 1500 Pounds in 15 Minutes
You know that incredibly longstanding myth about the dangers associated with cannabis overdose? Well, here’s the thing – it’s all pure garbage. Contrary to popular belief, there hasn’t been a single reported instance anywhere ever of somebody actually dying directly as a result of consuming too much cannabis.  Their behaviour while on cannabis, perhaps, but not the bud itself. And there’s a very good reason for this too – you would have to consume somewhere in the region of 1,500lbs of cannabis in no longer than 15 minutes to properly overdose. You might think you are hardcore with your own consumption, but no way even you come close to this.


Rastafarians Can Legally Smoke and Possess Marijuana in Italy
That’s right – embrace the Rastafarian faith and there’s absolutely nothing the law can do to stop you smoking marijuana in Italy. Given the fact that it is considered a religious sacrament, there is a clause in Italian law which means Rastafarians who carry and smoke cannabis cannot and will not be prosecuted.


The Trapped Chilean Miners Were Provided With Marijuana
Last but not least, if there was ever an example of a time when the truly relaxing and anxiety relieving properties of cannabis came into their own, it’s when those unfortunate Chilean miners found themselves trapped underground. Along with being provided with essential food and drink for their survival, they were also provided with a liberal serving of cannabis and pornography to keep them sane.


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