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No Smell, No Sell, No Tell: Stealth Cannabis Cultivation

No Smell, No Sell, No Tell: Stealth Cannabis Cultivation

By Lisa Mortown

Millions of cannabis cultivators would prefer to keep things under wraps. If home growing is legal where you live, you might not want nosey neighbours and dodgy dealers to learn about your grow space.

There’s plenty you can do to ensure your cannabis cultivation project stays secret. Or at least, minimise the likelihood of others finding out. For obvious reasons, cultivating cannabis illegally isn’t a good idea. As there’s no way of guaranteeing 100% discretion and secrecy, you’re rolling the dice with fate.

But if it’s simply a case of throwing others off the scent (quite literally), there are various ways of keeping your cultivation station off the radar.

Examples of which include the following:

Follow the “No Smell, No Sell, No Tell” Mantra
Right off the bat, this three-way mantra lies at the heart of all stealth cannabis cultivation strategies. Specifically, everything you do should be based around these three rules:

  • No smell – You need to go to whatever length is necessary to minimize or eliminate the smell of cannabis. This includes both around your grow space and on YOU - stinking of pot is a great way of telling others what you’ve been up to.
  • No sell – There is still no allowance for anyone to sell any amount of home-grown cannabis to anyone else for any reason. Some US states allow certain quantities of cannabis to be gifted for free, but selling can and probably will land you in trouble.
  • No tell – Don’t become a victim of your own smugness. Remember that no matter how much you trust anyone you tell about your cannabis cultivation project, you’ve no way of knowing who they will pass the information onto. Sooner or later, it could find its way into entirely the wrong hands…as could your haul.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Cultivation
If secrecy is a priority, indoor cultivation is the way to go. It’s not always easy to keep an indoor grow under wraps, but it is nonetheless impossible to fully safeguard or hide an outdoor grow. When setting up indoors, you need to be strategic when selecting an appropriate spot for your plants in the first place.Ideally, a spot where nobody will be able to see or smell them.

Odour Reduction
Speaking of which, odour reduction can be problematic when cultivating cannabis indoors. Rather than leaving yourself with a stink you can’t deal with, it’s worth considering low-odour strains in the first place. Examples of which include Jack Herer and Blue Mystic - both of which are relatively easy to keep under wraps. In any case, you may still need to install a ventilation and extraction system. Overuse of conventional air fresheners can be both suspicious and damaging for your plants.

Lighting and Ventilation Systems
A good way of alerting others to your grow space is with a lighting system that’s visible from outdoors. Lights that are on at peculiar times of night (or are set up on precise timing systems) can be a dead giveaway. As far as ventilation systems are concerned, there are very few powered systems available right now that don’t make at least some noise. If this noise can be picked up by your neighbours, they may question where it is coming from.

Stash Your Trash
Last but not least, one of the biggest mistakes made by stealth growers is failing to discreetly dispose of waste. It’s unlikely your neighbours (or anyone else) will decide to go through your trash, but it’s advisable to proceed as though they might. If there is anything that could give the game away - cannabis seed packets, nutrient containers, dead plant matter and so on - make sure you get rid of it as discreetly as possible.

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