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No…Bong Water Won’t Get You High

No…Bong Water Won’t Get You High

By Grow How

Some cannabis cultivation and consumption myths hold more logic than others. A prime example of which being the classic technique of peeing on cannabis plants, in a vain hope to improve their output with a heavy dose of nitrogen. The problem is that without meticulously measuring each and every element your pee comprises, you’ll always end up doing more harm than good.

In any case, there’s at least one other longstanding myth that raises even more eyebrows than peeing on plants. Much as they’d probably deny it, a surprising number of cannabis users worldwide have at some point or other experimented with bong water.

That’s right - drinking the nasty water straight out of the bong, hoping to get high in the process.


Realistically, there are only two reasons why anyone would go near bong water.The first of which being as part of a dare, the second being pure desperation. In both instances, the result is rarely anything other than the respective individual puking all over the place and disgracing themselves.

Still, this doesn’t answer the question as to whether drinking bong water could…at least in a scientific sense…get you high. After all, surely you’d expect at least some of the THC in the pot you smoke to make it into the water, right?

It’s a thought that seems to follow the same logic as scraping the residue from inside your pipes, papers, roaches and so on. The classic case of waste not, want not. The only problem being that while THC can indeed stick quite effectively to hard surfaces, water is the opposite of a hard surface.

The only thing you need to know about bong water is this - THC is almost completely insoluble. In standard water, you’re looking at a maximum capacity of around 2 micrograms of THC for every millilitre. Assuming you’d need approximately 5mg of THC to feel a buzz, that would equate to around 2.5 litres of bong water. That is, under the assumption that the maximum quantity of THC science allows has made its way into it.

Theoretically, therefore, drinking 2.5 litres of incredibly dirty bong water in one go could deliver the tiniest of tiny buzzes. But not nearly enough THC to get you high. In addition, you’d probably be sicker than you’ve ever been in your life and could possibly need urgent medical attention.

However long it’s been in there, next to no THC will have made its way into the water. By contrast, various other chemicals and general nastiness will lurk in its murky nastiness.

Yeah But My Buddy Told Me…

If you’re part of a cannabis community of a decent size, you’ll have probably heard every weird and wonderful claim in the book. Even if not from a friend, in reference to a friend of a friend. Hence, there’s every chance you’ve heard of someone actually putting the theory to the test and claiming to have gotten high.

However strongly they believe their own hype, they’re wrong.

With all cannabis experiments…even the grossest of the gross…you have to make allowances for the placebo effect. If you’re 100% convinced a shot of filthy bong water is going to get you high, you’ll probably feel something after drinking it. Far from the microscopic traces of THC, it’s simply your brain playing tricks on you.

In a nutshell therefore, it’s a pretty simple conclusion. Drinking bong water is absolutely vile and isn’t going to get you high. So even as part of a dare, it’s a waste of time and a great way of ruining your night.

Really…don’t do it!

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