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Oregon Went Pot Legal October 1 – What You Need to Know

Oregon Went Pot Legal October 1 – What You Need to Know

By Grow How

If you’re planning a trip to Oregon this month…or any month after for that matter…chances are you might have one or two questions with regard to the state’s new take on marijuana. Things got nice and legal as of October 1, but with so many different rules and regulations from one state to the next, it’s pretty crucial to know the ins and outs of the specific state you’re dealing with. After all, there will still be plenty of restrictions imposed on the use, sale and purchase of pot, so it’s a good idea to know where you stand as a visitor. 


So for those lucky enough to be heading to Oregon in the near future, here’s a quick roundup of the main bits and pieces you’ll need to know:


Who Can Buy Weed Legally?

First up, the great news is that there will be no restrictions whatsoever with regard to who can and cannot buy marijuana legally, just as long as the buyer is at least 21 years old.  As is the case in similar states where pot has been legalized, retailers are expected to be extremely strict when it comes to demanding and scrutinizing ID.


What Can I Buy?

In terms of what’s up for grabs, the new law in Oregon will allow buyers to take home a maximum of a quarter-ounce – or 7g –of marijuana per day. Those looking to grow their own will be allowed to buy up to four clone starter plants, which is the maximum number of plants the law allows. Of course, the rules in terms of daily pot purchase allowances are expected to be completely ignored by most people as there will be nothing in place to stop any buyer visiting several retailers within the same day, or even the same hour for that matter.


Is There Anything Off the Menu?

Sadly for those with a passion for pot brownies, one thing that will be very much off the menu in Oregon is weed edible. At least in a legal sense anyway as state law does not permit marijuana-infused foods or concentrates be sold to recreational customers. However, it is pretty likely that the Oregon Liquor Control Commission will introduce more relaxed legislation on the sale of weed edibles next year.


Where Will Legal Pot Be On Sale?

A total of 345 dispensaries have received permission to stock and sell medical marijuana by the Oregon Health Authority. However, it will be up to each of these dispensaries individually to decide whether or not they will sell marijuana recreationally. State law requires all shops selling weed in any capacity to prominently display messages around their entrances with regard to their recreational marijuana sales policies.


Will Records Be Kept Of All Weed Customers?

While a fair few members of the public have expressed concern about official weed sales record keeping, no specific personal information from the buyer will be asked for or retained.


How Much Will It Cost?

Prices will vary in accordance with the dispensary and the product purchased, but on average you can expect to pay $10 to $15 per gram.


Cash or Credit Card?

Take cash – the banks tend to be a little mean-spirited when it comes to pot companies, so most run as cash-only businesses.


Will it Be Possible to Order Deliveries?

Sadly not – any kind of pot-by-post service isn’t permitted in Oregon and isn’t likely to be in the near future at least.


Where Can Legally Bought Marijuana Be Smoked?

The simple answer is in any place not considered public. Or in other words, you can really only smoke it on your own property or the property of someone else who has given their consent. And just for the record, lighting up in parks or any other open space could potentially land you in a lot of trouble.






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