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Pest Prevention when Growing Cannabis Indoors

Pest Prevention when Growing Cannabis Indoors

By Grow How

From spider mites to fungal infections to white flies to thrips, it’s almost as if the whole world is out to destroy your marijuana plants. The problem being that by the time you notice just a handful of the buggers on a single weed leaf, chances are they’re already infesting your entire crop. You’ve invested a fortune in quality grow lights, invested heavily in producing proud specimens and now every marijuana plant in your grow space faces a painfully uncertain future.

An unfortunate reality faced by thousands of indoor cannabis growers every year.

Just as is the case with all disease and pest issues in general, the best offence is a good defence. In most instances, there are ways and means to tackle issues with common pests at even the most advanced stages of infestation.Nevertheless, it’s infinitely easier to prevent such problems occurring in the first place.

If you do find yourself dealing with a pest infestation, our advice would be to consider organic and natural alternatives to common chemical pesticides.Unless you want to add an unwelcome note of toxicity to your bud, chemical treatments really aren’t the way to go.

But if you’d prefer to avoid problematic pest infestation in the first place, there are just four simple yet effective tips you’ll need to follow:

  • A Beady Eye.First up, as it’s fundamentally impossible to completely rule out the prospect of infestation, you need to keep a close eye on things at all times. The reason being that if you manage to spot the earliest possible warning signs of infestation, you’ll have every opportunity to oust it before it becomes problematic.It’s also the same when it comes to identifying the first signs of cannabis plant disease – a watchful eye at all times comes highly recommended.
  • Grow Room Hygiene.The more hygienic the growing environment is, the less likely your plants are to succumb to pests and disease alike. In conjunction with the above-mentioned tip, be on the lookout for dead and potentially diseased plant matter, along with anything that really shouldn’t be in and around the grow space. Keep your tools and equipment as clean as possible, periodically remove lower branches to improve air circulation and keep a close eye on the lower reaches of your plants, which is typically where pest problems first manifest. Always remember that a clean grow space is a happy grow space – cliché, but true nonetheless!
  • Temperature and Humidity Control. When the temperature and/or humidity level in a grow space gets out of whack, you’re almost definitely headed for trouble. Exactly what kind of temperature and humidity level you should be looking for will depend on the cannabis strains you’re growing, along with their respective life-cycle stage at the time. Just as dried-out plants are weaker and far more likely to succumb to disease, there are certain pests that thrive when things get too hot, too cold or too moist. Mould also posing a huge threat. Temperature and humidity should therefore be monitored on a near-constant basis.
  • Choose a Durable Strain.Last but not least, there are dozens of exceptional cannabis strains that are significantly more durable than their counterparts. If looking for the easiest ride therefore, it simply makes sense to opt for a hardy and pest-resistant strain. A few examples of which include Midnight Kush, Custard Cream, Heaven’s Fruit, Easy Haze, Monster Mass, White Chronic and countless others besides. You’ll still need to keep an eye on things, but they’ll certainly make your life easier than some of the more demanding strains on the market.
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