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Pot for Pets – It’s Already Happening in the United States

Pot for Pets – It’s Already Happening in the United States

By Grow How

Medical marijuana is getting very close to becoming legalised in 50% of States across the US, which means it’ll soon be on the cards in the majority of the country…quite the turnaround. The folks in Washington and Colorado are currently having a field day with the new liberal attitude to pot and more states are set to follow soon enough, but somewhere along the lines some bright spark decided to ask a rather interesting question:


Why should human beings have all the benefit?


Now, you might well argue that it all comes down to profit more than actually doing a public service in general, but it seems that the next big thing in the US after weed goodies for human beings is going to be pot for pets. And for those who think the idea of dosing doggies up on weed might be a far-fetched idea, it’s already happening and gaining steam by the day.


Right now, a whole bunch of companies across several states are developing, manufacturing and selling everything from simple tablets to cannabis-infused doggy biscuits, which according to those behind them can work wonders when it comes to treating inflammation in elderly dogs and keeping pain to a minimum. What’s more, they’re also adamant that while the weed plays a key role in keeping the hounds happy, it’s most certainly not getting them high.


"The cannabis plant has many compounds in it," said Auntie Dolores brand manager Matthew J. Cote, who runs a company that’s been making and selling edible weed-based products for dogs since last year.


"Most people breed cannabis for the euphoric experience of THC. But they've been overlooking cannabidiol -- commonly known as CBD -- which is non-psychoactive."


With each new study into the potential health benefits of cannabis, more evidence is produced that we should be making better use of what’s clearly a blessing for the whole lot of us. Brands like Auntie Dolores are mostly interested in the way in which weed has shown remarkable prowess when put to the test against pain, inflammation and seizures, which blight the lives of millions of pets just as they do human beings.


So, if they’re able to come up with seriously affordable treats – 40 doses for $22 – that can bring huge relief to suffering dogs, why the hell shouldn’t they?


"What we've seen is that some of these dogs respond very rapidly," Cote added.


"One woman from Fort Bragg was ready to put down her dog due to how sick and in pain he was, but the day before he was scheduled to go under, she administered our treats and just like that the dog was up, walking around and acting normally again."


As always however, where there’s a will to do good by the people and their pets, there’s a way of p*****g on the bonfire and once again showing how moronic lawmakers can be. The simple fact of the matter is that even in the US States where it’s now legal to use medical marijuana in both prescription and testing instances, it’s still not permitted for vets to prescribe it for their own patients. A second company, Canna Companion, spent decades researching and developing a doggy drug made with cannabis extract, only to then be told by the Food and Drug Administration that it was breaking the law and must stop immediately.


Even in states where medical marijuana is legal, veterinarians are not empowered to prescribe cannabis products to pets. Similarly, producers of hemp-based edibles, treats and capsules are limited in how they may advertise the products' purported benefits.


"We initially marketed our product using medical terminology," said Dr. Sarah Brandon, co-owner of Canna Companion.


"My husband and I are both licensed veterinarians and were trained to use such verbiage... Our intent was to market an over the counter supplement which would help improve the quality of life of dogs and cats. Since that letter, we have joined NASC and taken great steps to correct the issues brought to our attention."


One step forward, two steps back – the cycle continues.






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