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Pot Profiles: Afghan Cow

Pot Profiles: Afghan Cow

By Grow How

Created by London-based Dr. Krippling Seeds, Afghan Cow is as desirable as it is difficult to track down. Renowned for its delightfully balanced high and off-the-scale potency, Afghan Cow is an absolute crowd pleaser when you manage to bag yourself a batch. Afghan Cow combines an intensive cerebral hit with the complete contentment of head to toe relaxation, with a THC content of anything from 16% up to 22% or more.

General Characteristics

Despite being a Sativa strain, Afghan Cow produces buds that seem to be masquerading as Indica. Generously-sized and conically-shaped, you’ll typically see a light dusting of trichomes on the surface, rather than a thick carpet. You’ll find Afghan Cow sticky to the touch, though not to such an extent that it isn’t easy enough to handle.

The fragrance of Afghan Cow is a wonder to behold, often emitting a sugary-vanilla aroma that’s mouth-watering in the extreme. There’s a distinct note of sourness in the background when the buds are broken, which gives way to exotic hash and peppery spice when ground. Despite its rich and decadent fragrance, burning Afghan Cow releases a smooth and delicate smoke that’s unlikely to induce coughing. Every bit as sweet and enjoyable as you’d expect, with a good bit of spice on the exhale.

Afghan Cow Effects

Aim for the top-end of the THC spectrum to enjoy Afghan Cow at its best. A few heavy hits are all that’s needed to alter your way of thinking and enhance your perceptions, stimulating fast-paced conversation about anything and nothing. There’s a huge hit of energy to the initial high, making Afghan Cow a great daytime smoke when you need to get things done. It can also be great for social situations and has even become popular in cannabis exercise circles.

Feelings of physical relaxation can be expected further down the line, but not to such an extent as to affect your energy levels. You’ll still be motivated to do whatever it is you’re doing, only with the added head-to-toe tingle. Afghan Cow isn’t going to help you sleep or even relax, but could make the perfect substitution for a strong cup of coffee when you need a burst of energy to get things done.

Afghan Cow Medical Applications

The predominantly cerebral effects of Afghan Cow have made it a popular choice in medical cannabis circles worldwide. Mild cases of depression and stress are known to respond well to Afghan Cow, which is unbeatable in the treatment of attention deficit disorders. If you struggle to focus on tasks from time to time, it doesn’t get any better than Afghan Cow.

While Afghan Cow has the potential to bring relief from mild aches and pains, it’s not typically associated with physiological medical applications. In addition, it’s a strain best avoided by individuals who may be prone to panic attacks and paranoia. Afghan Cow can bring on a lasting episode of mind-race, which may be too much to handle by those with a lower THC tolerance.

Growing Afghan Cow

If you’re lucky enough to stumble across a batch of Afghan Cow seeds, snap them up and get to business with them. They’ll need Mediterranean-style conditions outdoors, so it’s easier and safer to set up an indoor grow space.Expect short and stout plants with very dense leaf coverage, which will need regular pruning and general THC to keep in decent condition.

Flowering times come in at around eight weeks, after which you could be looking at around 80g of cannabis per square foot of grow space. Afghan Cow is a hardy and resistant strain, making it great for newcomers and less experienced cannabis cultivators.

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