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Pot Profiles: Amnesia Haze

Pot Profiles: Amnesia Haze

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What’s in a name? When it comes to Amnesia Haze, probably not what you think. An impressive sativa-dominant hybrid, Amnesia Haze doesn’t actually have the mind-erasing properties its name suggests. Engineered by combining a bunch of quality landraces with classic Haze, this iconic classic is actually more closely associated with inspiration and creativity. There’s also a good dose of Afghani indica genetics in there to keep the high nicely balanced.

General Characteristics

Amnesia Haze Carries the kind of pedigree that speaks for itself. Back in 2004, this then-newcomer to the scene took home the top gong at the Cannabis Cup.As recently as 2012, it scooped up the award for Best Sativa on the scene. Reviewed and celebrated among cannabis connoisseurs worldwide, Amnesia Haze was created by a team of Dutch engineers – initially for medicinal purposes.

Suitable for growing indoors and outdoors, Amnesia Haze plants produce cone-shaped buds with a characteristic yellow-green hue. Almost always generously sized and dense in the extreme, rusty-red pistils coat the buds and contrast beautifully with the bright green leaves. Depending on the exact phenotype, the trichomes produced can be anything from crystal clear to a cloudier off-white colour. Along with being instantly recognisable at a glance, Amnesia Haze is also famed for its unique aroma and flavour profile.

From the moment the flowering stage begins, Amnesia Haze plants begin emitting a sharp citrus fragrance with a distinctly earthy undertone. Break the buds open and you’ll detect plenty of exotic spice, with rich notes of wood and fresh-cut grass. When burned, Amnesia Haze buds burst into life with a seriously pungent citrus-tinged smoke, with far more spice than the aroma would indicate. The smoke itself is incredibly rich and dense, yet smooth and satisfying on the inhale. The exhale leaves behind a pungent tang that has a habit of lingering for hours.

Amnesia Haze Effects

As mentioned above, Amnesia Haze doesn’t typically live up to its name. Which is, as far as most would say, a good thing. Rather than wiping your memory, you’re far more likely to find yourself thoughtful and creative in the extreme after just a few hits.

Speaking of which, you only need one or two decent hits of Amnesia Haze to experience its effects both-barrels. The high is almost instantaneous, presenting in the form of immediate awareness of the surrounding environment and enhanced cerebral activity. Just as long as you’re in the right place and mindset, this can quickly translate to outright euphoria.

Energy levels take a step in the right direction, providing the motivation needed to get things done. The relaxing properties of its indica genetics can be felt to an extent, but are completely overshadowed by its sativa properties. Certainly not a strain for inducing deep relaxation and sleep, but great for enhancing a variety of activities.

Amnesia Haze Medical Applications

With its strong connotations with focus and general cerebral stimulation, Amnesia Haze is widely used for the treatment of attention deficit disorder and similar concentration issues. In addition, Amnesia Haze is renowned for bringing on insatiable and seemingly endless bouts of the munchies. Hence, an excellent appetite stimulant. As an energizing and predominantly cerebral strain, Amnesia Haze isn’t recommended for use by anyone prone to paranoia or anxiety. Likewise, Amnesia Haze can be mind-blowingly potent and should be approached with caution by the unexperienced.

As Amnesia Haze requires a consistently hot climate to deliver a decent harvest, it’s best-suited to indoor grow spaces in most regions. Expect plants of up to 4 feet in height, flowering times in the region of 12 weeks and output in the region of 60g for every square foot planted.

(This article is intended for educational/entertainment purposes only and for readers in countries where cannabis cultivation and consumption are permitted by law.)

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