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Pot Profiles: Apple Kush

Pot Profiles: Apple Kush

By Grow How

Boasting a beautiful fruity flavour bettered only by its blissful high, Apple Kush is a firm favourite among cannabis connoisseurs…and deservedly so. There’s still much debate as to where Apple Kush came from in the first place, but we do at least know that it has Pure Kush and Sour Diesel in its bloodline. Put to the test, Apple Kush is a versatile smoke that first hits the mind before sending the whole body into deep relaxation. Strike it lucky with a quality batch of Apple Kush and you’ll be looking at THC volumes in excess of 20%.

General Characteristics

Apple Kush produces cylindrical flowers with notes of pale green, brown and orange. A thick carpet of snow-white trichomes develops throughout the flowering stage, making Apple Kush buds extremely sticky and difficult to handle. Apple Kush plant leaves are predominantly green, with the occasional hint of yellow here and there.

The green apple fragrance of Apple Kush isn’t particularly pronounced, but there’s a definite note of fresh fruit to the fragrance. Underpinned by floral notes, the aroma explodes with plenty of sourness when the buds are broken.There’s even a somewhat acrid hint of Cheese in the background, rounding off a seriously complex fragrance profile.

When lit, the smoke produced is extremely thick and slightly harsh, often leading to coughing fits in the uninitiated. The inhale is spicy and dank, while the exhale leaves behind a musky aftertaste with a decent amount of fruit. Apple Kush has a habit of lingering in and around anything it touches, so ensure sensible precautions are taken where necessary.

Apple Kush Effects

Try your luck with a batch of Apple Kush and you’re in for a double-headed hit, which begins with an immediate headrush. You can feel Apple Kush getting to work immediately around the temples and eyes, bringing on a sense of thoughtfulness and alertness that inspires conversation.

Further down the line, these hard-hitting cerebral effects gradually decline and give way to a sense of extreme physical relaxation from head to toe. All troubles and tensions simply disappear into the ether and the world becomes a wonderful place to be – whatever you happen to be doing. Couchlock is inevitable if you really go to town with Apple Kush, though accompanied by an enjoyable glow until you find your feet again.

Apple Kush Medical Applications

It’s predominantly the sedative properties of Apple Kush that appeal to medical cannabis communities worldwide. With the right dosage, Apple Kush quickly and effectively gets to work on mild to moderate pain – particularly when associated with conditions like fibromyalgia and arthritis. Stomach problems and headaches also respond well to Apple Kush, which is known for assisting with a restful sleep in patients with mild to moderate insomnia.

Though uplifting and energising at first, Apple Kush is too relaxing to be used as a daytime smoke where motivation is required.

Apple Kush is growing in popularity worldwide, though is still comparatively difficult to get hold of. Seeds and clones are in particularly short supply, so it’s a strain worth holding on to if you happen across it. Bag yourself a batch of seeds and you’ll be looking at a relatively simple cultivation process, requiring Mediterranean-like conditions and a decent amount of space. Flowering times come in at around 10 weeks, at which point you’ll be looking at generous harvests if treated to ideal growing conditions.

Due to the relatively high humidity required to grow Apple Kush, you’ll also need to keep a close eye out for signs of mould, mildew and rot along the way.

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