Exactly where, when and why LP Tweed decided to call its new strain ‘Bakerstreet’ we may never know. Presumably, it’s got something to do with one or more of its creators having a fixation with Sherlock Holmes. In any case, Bakerstreet came out of nowhere to become an immediate household name across its native Canada and beyond.

Renowned for sublime sedative effects and an intoxicating fragrance, Bakerstreet is a pure Indica strain of epic proportions. This herb's also known to pack a serious punch – THC levels varying wildly from one batch to the next, reaching anything from 20% right up to a whopping 28%.


General Characteristics

As a pure Indica specimen, Bakerstreet plants tend to be dense, compact and consistently generous. The buds take on an almost perfectly spherical shape, presenting the usual pale green shades with plenty of brown and orange hairs. Toward the end of the flowering stage, Bakerstreet buds produce a thick and extremely sticky coating of trichomes, which can make them somewhat difficult to break up by hand.

There’s something unique and indescribable about the fragrance of properly cured Bakerstreet buds. Some have compared it to rotting fruits and vegetables, or even ripe cheese. All of which sounds a bit weird, but it’s strangely compellingIf nothing else, it’s completely unique to this strain alone and like nothing you’ve experienced before.

When the buds are broken down, the fragrance is dominated by spicy hash and exotic incense. Set light to these buds and the smoke produced has an almost acid-like sharpness that’s difficult to inhale without coughing. On the exhale, Bakerstreet leaves behind masses of sour fuel-like flavors and a ton of spice.

Truly a connoisseur’s cannabis strain that’s guaranteed to take the uninitiated off guard.


Bakerstreet Effects

The impact you can expect from a few hits of Bakerstreet depends on the variable potency. Nevertheless, it’s a quintessential creeper high that doesn’t usually make its presence known for at least a few minutes.

The high begins with a feeling of pressure around the eyes and the temples, followed by sensory distortion that borders on the psychedelic. Tokers often report a complete loss of depth perception at this stage, which can be a little uncomfortable or overwhelming for novice users.

However, if you’re happy to just sit back and enjoy the ride, Bakerstreet takes some beating. Waves of radiant relaxation and pure contentment take over every inch of the body from head to toe.

Sooner or later, it’s almost impossible to avoid the inevitable couchlock Bakerstreet brings on. You’ll still be able to enjoy everything around you on an entirely heightened level. It’s just that you won’t be able to move a great deal for the foreseeable future at least. All of which makes this marijuana the perfect strain for a relaxing evening smoke, or an afternoon where you’ve nothing to do and time to kill.


Bakerstreet Medical Applications

Unsurprisingly, all of the above adds up to a strain that’s outstanding for combating everyday stress, anxiety, depression and many more besides. The physically relaxing properties of Bakerstreet also make this ganja great for treating acute and chronic pain.

Nevertheless, Bakerstreet is an exceptionally punchy strain and has a tendency to bring on overwhelming mind-race in the uninitiated. It’s therefore not a recommended strain for anyone with a low THC tolerance, or those who may be prone to paranoia or panic attacks.


Growing Bakerstreet

Bakerstreet seeds aren’t particularly easy to get hold of, but are well worth tracking down where possible. Expect conveniently compact and beautifully bushy plants, with the flowering times of approximately eight weeks. Not only does Bakerstreet tend to produce generous yields, but a little of this stuff goes a VERY long way.

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