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Pot Profiles: Batman OG

Pot Profiles: Batman OG

By Grow How

Some cannabis strains are surrounded by the kind of secrecy and mystery that makes them completely irresistible. One example of which being Batman OG, which despite being enormously popular remains enigmatic in the extreme.Famed for its impossibly delicious flavour and super-powerful high, Batman OG really is the stuff of legends. It’s just that even to this day, we still have no idea where it came from, what’s its bloodline or really anything else about the stuff. Still, life would be pretty boring without at least a little mystery…right?

General Characteristics

So that’s all the stuff we don’t know about Batman OG, but what about the facts we do know? Well, it goes without saying that Batman OG is an absolute monster on the potency scale. Put to the test, Batman OG comes in at an average 24% THC content, sometimes going much higher than this. Needless to say, a little goes a long way.

Batman OG plants produce beautifully colourful buds in generous quantities, with distinct bright green and purple hues you just can’t take your eyes off. Trichomes are produced in a delicious golden colour, only adding to the appeal of this truly irresistible specimen.

The fragrance bursts out of the baggie with plenty of floral notes and fresh earth, exploding with zesty-lime and pine notes when the buds are broken. All of which translates to a rich and diverse flavour when lit, which delivers all of the above in an even more pronounced way.

Batman OG Effects

It might be called Batman OG, but it’s actually more of a supervillain than a hero. But then again, you’d expect nothing less with THC levels that routinely exceed 25%. The high hits like nothing you’ve ever experienced, propelling your body and mind into the stratosphere in minutes. Things never become too energetic or frantic, but your mood will border on outright euphoria from the first toke.

After a while, the initial rush subsides into a dreamy sense of haziness, during which you’ll forget you or anyone else has a care in the world. It won’t knock you out, but you’ll feel neither the need nor the desire to do anything whatsoever. Not the best smoke for high-energy social occasions, but great for spending a quiet evening with someone special.

Also, ensure you have plenty of snacks and supplies on hand - Batman OG brings the munchies on like you wouldn’t believe!

Batman OG Medical Applications

Speaking of which, this is one of the most popular medical applications for Batman OG. One of the best appetite stimulants in its class, Batman OG is great for anyone suffering from nausea, digestive issues or lack of appetite in general. A good few hits and you’ll find it hard to resist whatever you have lying around at the time.

The sedative properties of Batman OG also make it a great therapeutic strain for the treatment of muscle spasms, inflammation, insomnia, chronic pain and so on. Nevertheless, caution is advised among the uninitiated as Batman OG can be far too strong for anyone with an underdeveloped THC tolerance.

Batman OG is a rare treasure to come by, but more than worth tracking down.If you intend to grow it yourself, specific cultivation advice is relatively thin on the ground. Nevertheless, as an indica-dominant cannabis strain, provide consistent Mediterranean-like growing conditions and you can probably expect flowering times in the region of nine weeks.

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