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Pot Profiles: Berry White

Pot Profiles: Berry White

By Grow How

Whether or not the late great ‘Love Walrus’ himself would have approved of his moniker being used in such a way is a debate for another day. On the plus side, Berry White is certainly a fitting tribute to the quintessential crooner.Engineered by comparing the genetics of Blueberry and White Widow, Berry White is suitably smooth, sophisticated and sedating in just the right amounts. It’s the kind of strain that leaves both mind and body beautifully relaxed, without flattening you completely for hours on end.

Still, Berry White is a strain that’s not to be approached without due care and attention. Given how THC levels vary from around 18% up to 25% or more, you’re never quite sure just how hard-hitting this stuff could be.

General Characteristics

Irrespective of strength, the general effects and characteristics of Berry White remain largely unchanged. When the buds begin to blossom, you can expect a rich symphony of beautiful blueberry aromas with a fair amount of sour pine and plenty of floral loveliness. The popcorn-shaped buds are typically generous in size and delightfully dense, producing an even heavier citrus and pine-tinged tone when broken. Colours vary significantly from pristine purple to beautiful blue, with a stunning coating of frosty trichomes and plenty of orange hairs poking through. Quite simply, a visual masterpiece and a joy to look at.

Berry White Effects

Despite its pure indica genetics, the effects of Berry White are more reminiscent of a well-balanced hybrid. A couple of heavy hits of a decent-strength batch is all it takes to bring on a sense of near-overwhelming euphoria, along with a glorious wave of pins and needles across the entire body. There’s an immediate sense of warmth, relaxation and contentment, which maximises enjoyment of whatever you happen to be doing…even if it’s nothing at all. Creativity and inspiration come as standard with Berry White - as does a pretty insatiable case of the munchies. Berry White is also a strain it’s fairly common to get carried away with, given the smoothness of the smoke and the power of its punch. If your intention is to knock yourself out for an awesome night’s sleep, you’re in safe hands with this one.

Berry White Medical Applications

On the medical side of the equation, Berry White is a renowned strain for getting to work on chronic pain and moderate insomnia. Aches and pains are no match for the relaxing properties of Berry White, which pretty much guarantees long and restful sleep with controlled intake. There’s also a sizeable following of medical cannabis patients who use Berry White to combat everyday anxiety, stress and bouts of depression. PTSD patients have also reported significant relief upon being prescribed Berry White, or simply self-medicating as an alternative to conventional pharmaceuticals.

Growing Berry White

Much debate surrounds Berry White as to the simplicity and speed (or otherwise) of the cultivation process. Some say they’ve achieved excellent results with flowering times as short as seven weeks, while others say you’ll need to give it a good 10 weeks or so to reach fruition. Likewise, some claim Berry White is a generally easy strain to grow indoors or out, while some suggest it’s a strain better suited to more advanced growers. In any case, Berry White typically produces moderate yields of incredibly dense and fragrant buds that can make discretion all but impossible.

Berry White may have been (apparently) created by accident, but it’s an accident we’re happy about. An excellent evening strain that delivers a balanced mind and body hit, when you’ve nothing better to do than nothing at all.

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