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Pot Profiles: Blue Widow

Pot Profiles: Blue Widow

By Grow How

Boasting the kind of linage that pretty much speaks for itself, Blue Widow as an absolute beast of a hybrid. Inheriting some of the most iconic properties of its parent strains - Blueberry and White Widow - Blue Widow is all about pure enjoyment and versatility. THC levels are relatively modest by today’s standards, coming in somewhere between 11% and 17%. Blue Widow isn’t designed to blast you clear to an alternate dimension - it exists to provide unmitigated enjoyment and relaxation whenever you need it.

General Characteristics

In most instances, Blue Widow plants don’t actually display any particularly prominent bursts of blue. The generously sized buds are predominantly green with a good scattering of orange pistils, only occasionally tinged with a hint of purple or blue. Its name having been taken from its lineage, rather than its appearance, so don’t be too surprised if there’s very little blue colouration to speak of.

In terms of trichomes, however, things are significantly more generous. Blue Widow buds produce a gorgeously sticky frosting of the good stuff, making it the popular choice for manufacturing quality hash. On the nose, there’s a distinct hit of sugary-sweetness and fresh pine fragrances, with plenty of earth and a certain sourness. All of which explodes in potency when the buds are broken, when the previously subtle hints of blueberry become all the more pronounced.

Dense, heavy and satisfying, Blue Widow produces a spicy-peppery smoke that can be a little too intense for the uninitiated to handle without coughing.

Blue Widow Effects

With its relatively moderate THC content, Blue Widow delivers the kind of enjoyable and controllable high that’s great for all occasions. It’s a predominantly cerebral experience, beginning with an immediate mood-boost and a sense of head-to-toe contentment. Cares of the day are replaced by blissful optimism, eliminating tension but helping maintain energy and concentration levels to get things done. This makes Blue Widow a fantastic daytime smoke when productivity must be retained - just as long as you don’t hit it too generously.

Blue Widow Medical Applications

In medical cannabis circles, Blue Widow is popular among patients battling chronic pain and muscle aches. Again, Blue Widow being an ideal daytime treatment with little to no incapacitating effects whatsoever. Measured consumption of Blue Widow has also proven helpful in treating the side-effects of chemotherapy, along with general bouts of nausea and poor appetite. Mild to moderate anxiety and stress are also no match for a few hits of Blue Widow, which is effective enough to get the job done but gentle enough for those with a low THC tolerance.

Growing Blue Widow

Blue Widow plants have the potential to produce generous yields with seriously heavy trichome coverage. Hence, the popularity of Blue Widow in hash-product circles. Blue Widow plants are also notorious for giving the impression they’ve stalled during the early flowering stage, only to then quickly explode with the most incredible developmental growth-spurt. Depending on the conditions the plants are exposed to, Blue Widow buds can be anything from pale green to a prominent shade of purple.

Grown indoors, flowering times come in at around 50 days, after which you’ll be looking at a harvest of around 500g for every square metre. A successful Blue Widow crop grown outdoors often doubles the final harvest, though this is only an option in areas with consistently warm and predictable weather conditions.

The quality of the seeds you buy combined with your cannabis cultivation capabilities will determine how much Blue Widow bud you end up with. But even as a beginner, it’s a relatively forgiving strain that never (or rarely) fails to deliver the goods.

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