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Pot Profiles: Chardonnay

Pot Profiles: Chardonnay

By Lisa Mortown

The mere mention of this sublime CBD strain conjures images of a relaxing glass of wine at the end of a hard day. An association that’s not entirely inaccurate, as Chardonnay is a fantastic choice for unwinding…when you’re not actually out to get baked. Engineered by combining the genetics of Black Rose and Cherry Wine, Chardonnay is a USA original with a huge following in therapeutic cannabis circles. Fragrant, flavourful and packed with CBD, Chardonnay is great for all times of day and night.

General Characteristics
Chardonnay has become widely available on an international level, due to its extremely low THC content. Most batches test for no more than 1% THC (usually far less), alongside a generous CBD content of around 15%. It’s the kind of strain that’s not going to get you high with heavy use, but is guaranteed to leave you feeling better than you did beforehand.

Trichome coverage is somewhat on the modest side, but the spade-shaped buds nonetheless emit a wonderfully fruity fragrance when they reach maturity. It could best be described as a sweet and sour berry aroma, with hints of fresh rhubarb when the buds are broken. Set light to Chardonnay and the raspberry fragrance becomes more pronounced, translating to a smooth, sweet and sexy smoke that’s downright delicious. The aftertaste is almost as sweet as candy, making Chardonnay a strain you just can’t help hitting over and over.

Chardonnay Effects
As touched upon, Chardonnay isn’t a strain that’s designed to get you high. Toke all you want, but there’s nowhere near enough THC in it for a conventional buzz. Instead, Chardonnay is all about its therapeutic value…which it has in very generous quantities.

CBD’s wide-reaching therapeutic properties include relaxation, aiding restful sleep, calming anxiety and generally boosting the user’s mood. Chardonnay effectively combines the enjoyment of a gorgeous-tasting cannabis strain with the therapeutic effects of a quality CBD supplement. The best of all worlds, just as long as you’re not hoping to get high.

Chardonnay Medical Applications
This isn’t a strain with a great many fans in recreational cannabis circles. The reason being it has no real recreational value - nor was it designed to have. On the medical side of things, Chardonnay has become the go-to for thousands of CBD users looking for a more enjoyable consumption experience.

Particularly where stress, anxiety and mild depression are concerned, Chardonnay ranks among the best CBD heavy strains out there right now. Great for an early morning pick-up, but just as good for unwinding in the evening and getting your body and brain ready for bed. There are even those who associate CBD strains like this with heightened creativity and inspiration, which is impressive from a strain that cannot and will not get you high.

Growing Chardonnay
There’s not a great deal of information to go on regarding Chardonnay as a DIY homegrown specimen. That said, those who’ve tried her out have reported a relatively simple cultivation cycle, with flowering times of around eight weeks and low susceptibility to disease/mould. Both indoor and outdoor cultivation environments are fine, but yields tend to be more consistent with controlled indoor growing conditions.

In any case, investing the time and effort needed to grow Chardonnay is a small price to pay for what’s on offer. This is a super-premium CBD strain, which combines all the ceremony and enjoyment of a classic cannabis strain with the non-psychoactive properties of a CBD supplement. It’s even great to smoke in-between THC heavy strains to keep things balanced and under control.

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