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Pot Profiles: Cherry Moon Pie

Pot Profiles: Cherry Moon Pie

By Lisa Mortown

Come cannabis strains are downright irresistible by name alone. Cherry Moon Pie being a prime example - you see it or even hear it and you want it. Created by the folks at Big Buddha Seeds by combining Cherry Pie and Bubba Kush, Cherry Moon Pie is a predominantly Indica specimen with a decadent fragrance and flavour profile.

It’s also shrouded in mystery to this day, as its creators aren’t particularly forthcoming with detailed information on its properties. In any case, it’s a beautifully balanced strain with tons of everyday applications - a must to try out when you track it down.

General Characteristics
Not the types to be too specific, Big Buddha Seeds simply states Cherry Moon Pie’s THC content as ‘medium’. From this - and combined with anecdotal reports - we’re pretty sure it ranges somewhere between 18% and 22% THC. Pretty much the sweet-spot for an Indica-heavy hybrid, which gets the job done brilliantly without knocking you off your feet.

Mature Cherry Moon Pie buds often develop eye-catching hues of blue, which contrast strikingly with the super-thick coating of frosty trichomes. As you’d expect form its lineage, the buds emit the most intoxicating fragrance of ripe cherries with a heavy hit of skunk in the background. Both of which are intensified massively when the nugs are broken and burned, at which point the fragrance becomes almost overwhelming.

Likewise, Cherry Moon Pie has a complex and challenging flavour profile that’s more for connoisseurs than newcomers. Not to mention, an aftertaste that doesn’t shift for hours.

Cherry Moon Pie Effects
You can expect the quintessential Indica-leaning high with a few good tokes of this stuff. The immediate feeling is one of inspiration, creativity and the motivation to make great things happen. None of which lasts particularly long, as the characteristic Indica body stone quickly sets in and relaxes the entire body. Not to such an extent as to knock you out, but more than enough to motivate little but laziness.

You’ll enjoy a surprisingly clear high throughout and will still have the capacity to focus on anything that needs your attention. It’s just that in a physical sense, you can’t be bothered to move further than the fridge at best. Speaking of which, Cherry Moon Pie is notorious for bringing on the munchies like almost nothing else out there.

Cherry Moon Pie Medical Applications
This is a great strain for unwinding with at the end of a hard day, when you’re not necessarily looking to turn your brain completely off. Cherry Moon Pie is popular in medical circles as a treatment for mild anxiety, stress and depression, along with mood disorders and poor appetite. It’s also great for bringing on an undisturbed night’s sleep, making it a popular choice for addressing mild insomnia.

That said, batches of Cherry Moon Pie that lean towards the higher end of the THC scale can be a little overwhelming for the uninitiated. Particularly when used for therapeutic purposes, this is a strain to start slowly with and build up gradually.

Growing Cherry Moon Pie
Suitable for just about any cultivation environment, Cherry Moon Pie is (true to its name) a piece of cake to grow. It’s a durable and resilient specimen, with a flowering time of around 8 weeks and strong resistance to disease and mould.

In fact, the only issue you’re likely to face is buds so dense and heavy they can snap the stalks and stems well before harvest. Make sure you’ve got the kit you need to support Cherry Moon Pie’s branches - she tends to be too generous for her own good.

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