If you’re the kind that turns to cannabis to satisfy your sweet tooth, this is definitely a strain to check out.


Sweet, satisfying and the very definition of decadent, Chocolate Fondue is an all-round crowd pleaser of epic proportions. Engineered by combining Chocolope with Exodus UK Cheese, Chocolate Fondue is one of the most fragrant and flavor-packed specimens you’re ever likely to encounter.


Beautifully sweet without crossing the line into sickly, this strain is a seriously versatile hybrid to enjoy at any time of day.


As they say – “There’s always room for dessert!”


General Characteristics

Chocolate Fondue isn’t going to win any prizes for potency, but nor does she need to. A typical batch will have a THC content of around 15%, but this is more than enough to do the business.


Chocolate Fondue plants produce relatively modest buds, with predominantly olive-green colors and bright orange pistils. Once the buds start doing their thing, the initial fragrance is dominated by freshly dug earth and plenty of exotic spice.


However, break these resin-coated nugs open and you’ll be treated to a wonderful wave of coffee and chocolate fragrances. Both of which are intensified further when ignited, which also releases a delightfully nutty undertone and even a hint of creamy cheese.


This stuff leaves behind a beautifully sweet and floral aftertaste, completing one of the most complex sensory experiences you could expect from any cannabis strain. Whatever kind of flavor you usually go for, it’s probably hiding somewhere in Chocolate Fondue.


Chocolate Fondue Effects

An outstanding strain for social situations, a couple of hits of this hybrid is all it takes to spark relentless conversation.


Within seconds, there’s an almost overwhelming sensation of complete and total contentment, powered by a wave of creative energy and a desire to socialize. This intensely energizing cerebral high is complemented with a gentle yet satisfying body stone, sending warm tingles to the extremities and keeping you on your toes.


As a result, Chocolate Fondue is ideal for pretty much any time of day, just as long as you aren’t planning on sleeping for a few hours at least. She’s a great choice for an enjoyable wake and bake, or as a substitute for a couple of strong coffees in the afternoon. Again though, it’s in social situations that Chocolate Fondue buds show their true might and magic.


Chocolate Fondue Medical Applications

Even if you’re not usually the outgoing type, Chocolate Fondue will give you the confidence to do just about anything. In medical cannabis circles, this flavorful hybrid has become a popular choice for the treatment of everyday stress, anxiety and depression.


This herb can also be perfect for combating mild to moderate fatigue, helping you get through the day after a poor night’s sleep.


The uplifting properties of Chocolate Fondue deliver an instant and long-lasting mood-boost, though may prove a little intense for the uninitiated. These buds have a relatively modest THC concentration, though should still be approached with caution by users with a low tolerance.


Growing Chocolate Fondue

If all of the above wasn’t enough, Chocolate Fondue is one of the easiest specimens on the market to grow.


Suitable for beginners and ideal for cooler northern climates, these plants flower in around eight weeks and deliver consistently solid yields. They’re also resistant to the vast majority of common pests and plant diseases. Controlled indoor conditions will deliver the best results in most instances, though Chocolate Fondue is just as easy to grow outdoors where preferable.

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