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Pot Profiles: Citral Skunk

Pot Profiles: Citral Skunk

By Lisa Mortown

Citral Skunk is a super-sexy strain that combines the genetics of two absolute icons - Citral and Skunk. No points for creativity where the name is concerned, but that’s not what Citral Skunk is all about. A proud concoction from the folks at Bulldog Seeds, Citral Skunk is the living embodiment of dankness at its absolute best. Easy to grow, aromatic in the extreme and with a THC content as high as 20%, Citral Skunk has been a modern classic since the day of its debut in the Netherlands. Since then, it’s gone on to rock recreational and medical cannabis communities on a global basis.

General Characteristics
Citral Skunk is an indica-heavy hybrid, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at its flowers. The nugs produced usually appear in a thin and elongated shape, which is more indicative of a towering sativa. Mature Citral Skunk plants are an absolute joy to look at, producing neon-green leaves with the occasional hint of orange and an absolute ton of juicy buds all over the place.

The flowers themselves are relatively slender but densely packed, coated by an intriguing layer of beautiful amber trichomes. Harvested at the right time and cured properly, Citral Skunk buds have the kind of bag appeal that goes beyond the vast majority of top-shelf strains on the market. All of which is taken to the next level by the super-sour fragrance of Citral Skunk, which is literally about as dank as it gets.

Definitely not a strain for discretion, the whole thing intensifies several times over when Citral Skunk buds are burned. Nevertheless, the smoke produced is not nearly as harsh or heavy as the fragrance suggests. It’s mind-blowingly sharp and funky, but by no means cough-inducing or unpleasant. Unsurprisingly, Citral Skunk leaves behind an aftertaste that lingers indefinitely.

Citral Skunk Effects
As you’d expect from an indica-heavy hybrid, Citral Skunk’s high is predominantly physical. Nevertheless, the immediate feeling after a couple of heavy hits is one of mental clarity and relaxation, coupled with a burst of creativity and the kind of optimism that verges on euphoria. If you’re artistically minded (or wish you were), Citral Skunk is well worth trying out.

That said, it doesn’t take long for this initial burst of creativity and motivation to give way to a powerful full-body stone. Citral Skunk sends the most intoxicating electrical tingling sensation through the muscles to the extremities, alleviating any aches or pains you may have had. Without even realising it, you’re soon settling in on the couch for an enjoyable evening of doing absolutely nothing at all.

The good news being that even if you end up locked to the couch indefinitely, you’ll still have the mental clarity and positivity needed to enjoy every moment of it.

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