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Pot Profiles: Cookies Haze

Pot Profiles: Cookies Haze

By Lisa Mortown

Cookies Haze is one of those fantastic cannabis strains that deliver on all they promise and more. By far one of the most delicious strains you’ll ever have the pleasure to taste, Cookies Haze is an all-purpose strain you’ll find thousands of everyday uses for. Great for a morning pick up, ideal for keeping you motivated at work and a strain with social situations written all over it. Not to mention, a THC content that’s high enough to satisfy even the most demanding stoners. Cookies Haze combines the genetics of Super Silver Haze with Afghan to create something that’s far more than the sum of its parts.

General Characteristics
Potency varies significantly from one batch to the next, but it is not uncommon to come across Cookies Haze with more than 25% THC. This makes it a great choice for experienced smokers, but a strain to approach with caution for everyone else. As you’d expect, Cookies Haze plants produce oversized buds with a dense structure, coated in a beautifully thick frosting of crystal white trichomes. All of which contrasts beautifully with the bright orange hair bursting from the surface all over the place.

Somewhat in contradiction to its name, mature Cookies Haze flowers emit a sugary sweet fragrance that’s closer to ripe fruits than baked goods. No less fragrant or delicious than fresh baked cookies, but perhaps not what you’d expect with a name like this. In any case, Cookies Haze has one of the most decadent flavour profiles imaginable, dominated by gummy bear-like fruity sweetness and a seriously refreshing aftertaste.

Cookies Haze Effects
This is precisely the type of strain to reach for when you need to be at your best.Whether it’s getting the day off a positive start or keeping yourself motivated during a particularly boring afternoon, Cookies Haze has you covered. The immediate effect is one of motivation, creativity and clear-headed energy, enabling you to focus on anything that needs doing and give it your all.

Of course, the energising and uplifting properties of Cookies Haze also make it perfect for social situations. This stuff is notorious for encouraging conversation and debate, making it a real party starter for all types of events. That said, it’s also a strain that’s quite easy to take too far. With a THC content of around 25%, you really don’t need a lot to achieve the desired effect.

Cookies Haze Medical Applications
Everything about Cookies Haze is designed to put a smile on your face and a song in your heart. It’s the very epitome of a good-mood strain, immediately eliminating anything on your mind and replacing it with pure motivation.Hence, it is immensely popular as a therapeutic strain for the treatment of everyday stress, mild anxiety and depression. It’s also just the thing for dealing with occasional bouts of low energy, perhaps following a disturbed night’s sleep.

As touched upon, anyone with a low THC tolerance or a history of panic attacks might want to give Cookies Haze a miss. The initial high can be somewhat difficult to deal with for the uninitiated, regularly triggering temporary bouts of mind race.

Growing Cookies Haze
Ideal for indoor and outdoor cultivation environments alike, Cookies Haze is a forgiving and resistant strain to grow. Mature Cookies Haze plants can reach a height of approximately 4 feet, so you’ll need a decent amount of space to produce the best possible yields.

Flowering times come in at approximately eight weeks, after which you can expect a moderate to generous harvest. Just be sure to keep an eye out for the early signs of mould, as Cookies Haze colas are so dense they sometimes cause issues with excess moisture.

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