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Pot Profiles: Cornbread

Pot Profiles: Cornbread

By Grow How

Engineered by combining Rare Dankness #2 with Bubba Kush, Cornbread is a quality Indica hybrid with a name we still can’t fully explain. Fabulously fragrant and flavourful with a high that keeps on coming, Cornbread doesn’t appear to share anything obvious with its namesake. But then again, with a THC content of up to 20%, its name was never going to be its most appealing characteristic!

General Characteristics

Provided with perfect cultivation conditions, Cornbread plants produce relatively small flowers with densely packed buds. The bold green leaves contrast quite beautifully with the rusted-orange hairs the flowers emit, along with the odd note of purple here and there. Cooler temperatures during the growth stage increase the likelihood of purple colouration, though won’t have a bearing on the quality or potency of the final product.

What Cornbread’s flowers lack in size they more than make up for in stickiness and potency. Difficult to handle without a quality grinder, the buds emit a sharp and invigorating herbal fragrance with a decent hit of sour citrus in the background. All of which becomes even more pronounced when the buds are broken, at which time the herbal notes become more exotic and earthy.

As with the fragrance, there’s no trace of cornbread or baked goods in general on the smoke. Instead, there’s plenty of lemon and exotic spice on the inhale, leaving behind a herby and earthy aftertaste that’s by no means unpleasant. It just doesn’t taste anything like cornbread, so it’s worth gauging your expectations accordingly!

Cornbread Effects

The antithesis of an energising daytime smoke, Cornbread delivers the kind of physical hit that’s best enjoyed in the evening. Or more specifically, an evening when you’ve absolutely nothing you need to do until the next day. Cornbread is a creeper, taking a good couple of hits to make its presence known. After which, you can expect your brain to become clouded in a fog as dense as the smoke you’ve just inhaled.

There’s near-trippiness to the initial hit, which is guaranteed to take the uninitiated off guard. Not only is Cornbread renowned for bringing on extensive batches of couchlock, but can also trigger an almost ‘out of body experience’ feeling. Complete disconnection with the world on a temporary basis is practically guaranteed, which in the right settings can be blissful on an entirely new level.

Productivity is out of the question, but if you simply want to melt into a world of complete physical and psychological contentment, Cornbread is well worth checking out.

Cornbread Medical Applications

With its narcotic-level sedative impact, the medical applications of Cornbread are pretty obvious. By plunging the user into a world of blissful obliviousness, it delivers immediate and welcome relief from anxiety, depression, stress and even PTSD. It also has the potential to bring on the deepest night’s sleep imaginable, making it just the ticket for insomniacs.

The direct cerebral effects of Cornbread are minimal, making it unlikely to trigger bouts of mind-race and paranoia. However, individuals prone to anxiety or panic attacks may be taken off-guard by the near-paralysing impact of a heavy hit of Cornbread. It’s effectively the ultimate organic tranquilliser and thus needs to be approached with due care and attention.

Growing Cornbread

If you intend to try your hand with a crop of Cornbread at home, you’ll need to provide your plants with consistently warm and relatively humid conditions.Hence, you’ll more likely succeed with a controlled indoor grow base, rather than letting nature take its course outdoors.

The plants produced are short and stocky, so minimal vertical space is required.However, ventilation and odour-elimination systems should be carefully considered, as flowering Cornbread emits the most mind-blowing fragrance imaginable.

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