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Pot Profiles: Cougar Milk

Pot Profiles: Cougar Milk

By Lisa Mortown

If you know Tiger’s Milk, you’ll know what to expect from this newcomer to the scene. The sister strain of the potent and popular hybrid from Bodhi Seeds, Cougar Milk is much more scarcely available and packs a serious wallop. Created by combining Appalachia genetics with SoCal Master Kush, Cougar Milk is an indica-heavy specimen that’s fragrant, flavourful and freakishly strong. Best enjoyed at the end of the day when you’ve nothing of importance to do, Cougar Milk Pie is all about wasting time and loving every minute of it.

General Characteristics
Cougar Milk isn’t a strain to approach without due care and attention. Batches have tested for a THC content in the region of 20%, but this stuff usually comes with more like 26% THC. Even by today’s standards, that’s still more than enough to catch the seasoned smoker off-guard. Visually, Cougar Milk gives a good indication of what to expect as the plants reach maturity. The buds produced are dense, heavy and generously sized, coated by an impossibly thick and sticky layer of trichomes.

The fragrance is dominated by ripe berry fruits and classic kush dankness, which becomes almost overwhelming when the buds are broken and ignited. Cougar Milk delivers a rich and creamy smoke with decadent notes of bitter chocolate, with a curious hint of citrus on the exhale. This is a near-impossible strain to keep under wraps, so is worth trying out only when discretion isn’t really a priority.

Cougar Milk Effects
Cougar Milk delivers all you’d expect from an indica-heavy hybrid and more. All the physically relaxing effects of a good indica are there, but not before your brain is first catapulted into a state of creativity, inspiration and motivation. For a good few tokes at least, Cougar Milk will have you thinking you’re capable of conquering the world.

After which, a sense of creeping physical and cerebral bliss takes over, easing you into a state of pure contentment. You’ll still feel you’re capable of anything, only now you’ll have zero interest in making it happen. Or for that matter, moving far beyond the couch. The physical heaviness this stuff brings on is outmatched only by its tendency to trigger extreme munchies. Keep all you need within close reach, as the kitchen might suddenly feel light years away.

Cougar Milk Medical Applications
The medical applications of Cougar Milk centre primarily on its physically relaxing effects. The initial uplift is too brief for Cougar Milk to have any real effect on anxiety, stress and depression, though it can be good for bringing on a burst of creative thinking.

On the physical side of things, Cougar Milk has wide-reaching therapeutic applications. The most notable of which being relief from chromic pain and muscle aches, wiping out tension and bringing on a fantastic night’s sleep. Its connotation with extreme munchies also make it just the thing for addressing poor appetite and issues with nausea.

Growing Cougar Milk
As an extra cherry on the cake, Cougar Milk is almost too easy to grow. This is the kind of strain than more or less takes care of itself, despite delivering epic results without fail. Flowering times come in at around 8 weeks, after which you’ll be looking at a generous harvest of prime potent weed.

Cougar Milk plants are also nicely compact and short in size, so they’re great for making use of smaller indoor grow spaces. A little of this stuff goes a long way, so you’re guaranteed to end up with more than you’ll know what to do with.

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