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Pot Profiles: Crescendo

Pot Profiles: Crescendo

By Lisa Mortown

An all-American classic in the making from the heart of Colorado, Crescendo is an indica-leaning hybrid with a beautifully complex flavour profile. Not to mention, one of the most impressive average THC ratings of any strain on the market right now. Engineered by combining the genetics of I-95, Chemdawg, and Mandarin Cookies, the folks behind Crescendo set out to create an absolute monster. Capable of knocking even seasoned smokers into the middle of next week, Crescendo is a hard-hitting and uncompromising specimen you have to experience to believe.

General Characteristics
First things first - newcomers to cannabis need not apply. Put to the test, Crescendo routinely packs a THC content of 30% or more. This makes it one of the most consistently strong strains of its kind out there right now - the dictionary definition of a ‘one hit and quit’ strain.

In any case, Crescendo plants give a clear indication of what’s to come by the time they reach maturity. Think generously oversized buds, beautiful hints of purple and a ridiculously thick coating of trichomes. The fragrance is dominated by an earthy and skunky stink, which also has notes of fruit, diesel and even cookies. It’s by far one of the most complex strains of its kind on the market right now, which offers something for everyone. The aftertaste will leave you wanting more, but be warned - one toke too many and you won’t know what’s hit you.

Crescendo Effects
It’s not just the potency of Crescendo that makes it such a popular strain. It also promises one of the most enjoyable highs from start to finish, which stays immensely intense throughout. There aren’t many daytime scenarios during which Crescendo would be a sensible strain to play with. Evenings, on the other hand, are a different story entirely.

A couple of generous tokes is more than enough to feel like you’ve been hit by a freight train. All in a good way, of course, as Crescendo instantly makes its way through the body with satisfying electric tingles. Couchlock is all but inevitable, but lands alongside a feeling of clear-headedness and total contentment. You’re guaranteed one of the most satisfying periods of pure laziness imaginable, during which even reaching for the remote control might seem like too much effort.

Crescendo Medical Applications
The medical applications of Crescendo centre on its ability to immediately relax every inch of the body instantaneously. Chronic pains and everyday muscle aches are no match for this stuff, which is also ideal for bringing on a good night’s sleep. Relentless munchies are completely inevitable, so anyone struggling with a poor appetite might also find relief in Crescendo.

The only downside being that Crescendo can be way too strong for a lot of medical cannabis users to cope with. Batches containing 30% THC (or sometimes more) are not to be approached without care and attention. Start slow and take things from there - this stuff kicks like a mule.

Growing Crescendo
Crescendo seeds have proved quite tricky to get hold of - as have quality cuttings. Nevertheless, it’s well worth making the effort to track her down, if she makes an appearance in your area. Crescendo plants grow to a relatively tall height and have the potential to produce huge yields. However, it’s not an easy specimen to grow and takes up a lot of space.

It takes a fair amount of time, effort and skill to do the business with Crescendo plants, but the payoff is well worth it. Nail the higher end of the THC scale and you’ll be looking at something more powerful than anything you’ve tried to date.

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