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Pot Profiles: Critical Haze

Pot Profiles: Critical Haze

By Grow How

Critical Haze is the kind of legendary strain that really needs no introduction. Engineered by combining the genetics of Critical Mass and Afghan Haze, this potent and powerful hybrid is ideal for lazy weekends doing pretty much nothing at all. With THC concentration that routinely goes beyond 22%, Critical Haze delivers the kind of hit that’s not to be underestimated.

General Characteristics

Recommended for the more seasoned smoker, Critical Haze plants produce curiously-shaped buds with an enticing trichome frosting. The potency of Critical Haze is pretty evident from the fragrance alone, which can make it incredibly difficult to keep this heavy-hitting hybrid under wraps. Both indoors and out, discretion really isn’t an option!

There’s a characteristic citrus undertone to the fragrance of the buds, which explodes with spicy and earthy notes when broken. All of which you’d expect to translate to a heavy and indulgent smoke, which is exactly the case. Critical Haze can be a real cough-inducer for the uninitiated, leaving behind a dank and funky aftertaste that lingers indefinitely.

Again, discretion being pretty much out of the option if you’re planning to burn Critical Haze buds!

Critical Haze Effects

In recreational circles, Critical Haze is notorious for ruining plans. The reason being that just a few solid hits of the stuff and you can forget about the rest of the day. Critical Haze is one serious creeper, seeming to have little to no discernible impact for a good few minutes at least. Precisely where the tendency to overdo it comes in - the result of which is the kind of complete physical sedation that borders on paralysis.

If all you’ve got planned is a night in front of the TV, Critical Haze is an unbeatable choice. If you’ve nothing you need to do other than lie on the couch and listen to music, go for it. Just be sure to keep a decent stockpile of snacks close to hand - Critical Haze combines the inability to move with insatiable munchies. Superb for winding down after work and forgetting the stresses and strains of everyday life exist.

Critical Haze Medical Applications

It’s a similar story with the medical applications of Critical Haze, which of course stem from its heavily sedative properties. Even the more advanced bouts of stress and anxiety are no match for Critical Haze, which has also proved effective in the treatment of chronic pain and muscle stiffness. In addition, a few good hits of Critical Haze and an incredible night’s sleep is guaranteed - ideal for the treatment of occasional insomnia.

Critical Haze doesn’t have a particularly heavy cerebral impact, so it isn’t prone to bringing on bouts of mind-race and paranoia. Nevertheless, the sheer potency of the body stone could prove overwhelming or unnerving for novice users.

So whether trying Critical Haze for recreational or medicinal purposes, it’s worth proceeding with caution and measuring your intake carefully.

Growing Critical Haze

As mentioned, Critical Haze isn’t the best strain to cultivate if discretion is a priority. Even with a decent ventilation and odour-removal system in place, this stuff still stinks to high heaven. Do what you can to seal it in your grow space, but you’ll be able to smell it from a mile away!

If this isn’t your biggest concern, flowering times come in at around eight weeks and yields are moderate. Even if you don’t end up with a huge harvest, a little Critical Haze goes a long way. Critical Haze plants are not particularly forgiving and are best suited to more experienced growers with commercial-grade equipment.

Nevertheless, show this potent strain the TLC it deserves and your efforts will be rewarded in kind…big time!

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