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Pot Profiles: Critical Purple Kush

Pot Profiles: Critical Purple Kush

By Lisa Mortown

Spain doesn’t produce too many cannabis strains, but they do put out some of the best. Once again, Advanced Seeds delivered the goods in the form of Critical Purple Kush - a mesmerising combination of Critical and Purple OG. Easy to grow and an absolute joy to smoke, Critical Purple Kush is beautifully balanced and versatile. Not to mention, one of the most gorgeous plants to look at when those violet hues begin doing their thing.

General Characteristics
Critical Purple Kush is the kind of strain that proves you don’t need to take THC to extremes to put out something awesome. On average, a decent batch of Critical Purple Kush will clock in at around 18% - quite modest by today’s standards. But this doesn't stop Critical Purple Kush delivering on all fronts - fragrance, flavour and effects.

The purple hues that begin to appear as the buds approach maturity are a nod to the plant’s Purple OG lineage. Dark greens and the occasional hint of black make for a striking contrast with both the orange hairs and the thick coverage of trichomes. It’s a strain you want to try from its looks alone, and that’s before the fragrance hits you.

Fruity berries, exotic spice and even the odd hint of coffee all come together to create something truly complex. It’s the same on both the inhale and exhale, which deliver the most remarkable mix of flavours that shouldn’t work together, but do.

Critical Purple Kush Effects
Again, you’d expect a suitably mellow experience from a strain with a THC content of 18%. And that’s exactly what you get - a punchy and satisfying high that’s surprisingly long lasting and always consistent. A couple of tokes is enough to bring about a sense of near-overwhelming euphoria, which will have you grinning like an idiot for no reason at all.

It’s a pretty motivating strain on the whole, but also has a tendency to bring on a somewhat psychedelic high as the minutes and hours pass by. Hence, it’s not the best choice for times when you need to be productive. It’s great for social situations and general evening use, when you can get away with doing little other than talk nonsense for hours on end.

Critical Purple Kush Medical Applications
Interestingly, Critical Purple Kush is one of a handful of strains with a legendary reputation for spicing things up in the bedroom. There’s no explanation as to why, but when the initial high begins to subside, this stuff slowly turns into one hell of an aphrodisiac.

Other than this, Critical Purple Kush has a fair few medical applications to consider. The uplifting aspect of the high can be great for eliminating stress and anxiety, or even treating mild depression. Mood disorders are also no match for this stuff, which is gentle and manageable enough for low-THC tolerance users.

It’s quite hard to take things too far with Critical Purple Kush, but you don’t need much to achieve the desired effects.

Growing Critical Purple Kush
With its compact plants and super-short flowering times, Critical Purple Kush is great for confined indoor grow spaces. Yields are on the modest size due to the compact nature of the plants, but they’re also extremely easy to grow.

Controlled indoor conditions are the best way to go, unless you live somewhere suitably warm and sunny. Just be sure to keep an eye on your plants’ leaf litter and foliage, as they can become problematically dense during the vegetative stage.

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