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Pot Profiles: Huckleberry

Pot Profiles: Huckleberry

By Grow How

There’s nothing like a good bit of mystery, which Huckleberry brings to the table in spades. Not only is the precise lineage of Huckleberry unknown, but we’ve also had no idea who originally cooked-up this hugely enjoyable hybrid. Despite being enormously versatile and enjoyable, commercially available Huckleberry tends to be somewhat inconsistent. Depending on the batch you buy, you could be looking at a THC content of less than 10% or higher than 25%.

General Characteristics

Huckleberry plants have the potential to be beautiful in the extreme. Results (again) vary enormously, but provide ideal growing conditions and you’ll be looking at the most vibrant and abundant purple leaves. The flowers themselves form in popcorn-like clusters, which aren’t particularly huge but can be extremely dense. Along with a generous fringe of orange pistils, a thick and sticky coating of trichomes seals the deal.

It’s widely theorised that Huckleberry has Blueberry in its lineage, which appears more than evident in its beautiful berry-tinged fragrance. Particularly when cured, the buds emit the most wonderful sweet-and-sour fruity fragrance, with barely a hint of any skunk or earth. The fragrance of Huckleberry promises a refreshing and mouth-watering experience, which is exactly what you get when you set light to it.

Burned, the buds emit a generous amount of spice which results in a particularly harsh inhale. In fact, Huckleberry can be cough-inducing for even the most seasoned smokers. On the exhale, there’s an enormous hit of sticky sweetness that lingers indefinitely.

Huckleberry Effects

Come across a quality batch of Huckleberry and you can expect a near-instant cerebral hit, manifesting in the form of relentless energy and accelerated thought processes. It’s therefore a fantastic strain for getting things done at home or at work, just as long as you’re careful with it.

Hit Huckleberry hard and the energetic uplift escalates into outright euphoria, with trippy characteristics creeping into your perceptions. After a while, you can expect physical relaxation and a sense of contentment to take over, which never goes all the way to couch-lock but can be heavily sedating. So once again, if you do plan on using Huckleberry during the day to get things done, exercising caution comes highly recommended.

Huckleberry Medical Applications

A strain that’s versatile and enjoyable in equal measures, Huckleberry enjoys huge popularity in medical cannabis circles. Renowned for delivering an instant sense of focus and clarity, it’s ideal for anyone who struggles to concentrate or hold their attention on any given task. What’s more, patients with mild to moderate cases of depression have found welcome relief in Huckleberry.

Aches and pains are also no match for Huckleberry, which in heavy doses can make short work of insomnia. Nevertheless, the intense cerebral effects of Huckleberry may prove overwhelming for individuals prone to anxiety or panic attacks. As it’s tricky to know how strong or otherwise any batch of Huckleberry may be, it’s perhaps not the best choice for those with a low THC tolerance.

Growing Huckleberry

Huckleberry seeds have always been difficult to get hold of, given how they’ve never been released commercially. Nevertheless, it’s still possible to pick up unofficial batches of seeds, along with healthy clones that guarantee the real deal.

As a notoriously temperamental plant, Huckleberry is best avoided by newcomers. A warm and relatively humid environment is needed to get the job done, which opens the door to issues with mould, fungus, pest infestation and so on. Flowering times come in at around nine weeks, after which its modest (though potentially potent) yield can be harvested.

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