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Pot Profiles: Lemon Haze

Pot Profiles: Lemon Haze

By Grow How

The engineers responsible for bringing Lemon Haze to the world didn’t realise the phenomenon they were creating at the time. Then again, combining the genetics of Lemon Skunk and Silver Haze was only ever going to result in something extraordinary. An intense and iconic sativa-dominant hybrid, Lemon Haze is characterised by its unmistakable citrus aroma and beautifully balanced high.Not to mention, THC levels that vary from 12% up to a truly mind blowing 25%. Little wonder Lemon Haze is famed for delivering the all-round sensory experience that’ll have you coming back for more.

General Characteristics

The flowers produced by Lemon Haze are true works of art. Often impressive in size, they have a distinctive texture and shape that immediately identifies what you’re looking at. Chunky, dense and sticky to the touch, Lemon Haze buds are framed with fluffy green leaves and a gorgeous covering of orange pistils. The trichomes on the buds have a distinctive golden hue, resulting in a beautiful, almost metallic-looking coating when prime for picking.

Throughout the flowering stage, Lemon Haze emits an unmistakable citrus aroma that’s heavy in lemon with a distinctive hit of pine. Break the buds and the whole experience intensifies immensely, underpinned by a distinct herbal musky note that’s as complex as it is enticing. As you’d expect, cure Lemon Haze buds properly and the result is an outright explosion of acidic citrus aromas of impressive pungency.

Set light to Lemon Haze and the resulting smoke is gorgeously dense and dank, though surprisingly smooth on the inhale. The flavour isn’t quite as sharp as the aroma would suggest, but has a wonderfully refreshing herbal quality that gives way to a deep citrus aftertaste. A good batch of Lemon Haze perfectly balances satisfaction with refreshment.

Lemon Haze Effects

Caution is recommended for the inexperienced, as Lemon Haze delivers the kind of high that takes a good few minutes to kick in. During which time, it’s almost impossible to resist the temptation to keep on hitting it. Given enough time, you’ll begin noticing the characteristic psychedelic effects of Lemon Haze, along with a massive mood-boost and elimination of even deep-set stress.

Lemon Haze is great for encouraging conversation and debate, nurturing creativity and inspiration in more artistic types. As things progress, the conversation may become nonsensical, but will remain enjoyable throughout. Used with caution, Lemon Haze can provide the perfect energy boost to deal with daily chores and more mundane activities in a more positive and upbeat frame of mind.

Hit hard, Lemon Haze eventually delivers the kind of full body stone that can make it slightly more difficult to get things done. Lemon Haze also has associations with feelings of disconnection, making it great for lounging around and letting your mind do its thing. Despite its connotations with relaxation and elimination of stress, Lemon Haze is far from a safe smoke if planning to sleep within the next few hours.

Lemon Haze Medical Applications

In medical cannabis circles, Lemon Haze is a popular choice for the treatment of stress, anxiety and general bouts of nervousness. Lemon Haze is also associated with mild to moderate pain relief, though isn’t recommended for those who don’t have a high THC tolerance. Great for boosting energy levels and instilling a sense of positivity, Lemon Haze is commonly used as a day-to-day treatment for depression.

For those who intend to grow Lemon Haze at home, flowering times can be as short as nine weeks, resulting in yields of around 40g of bud for every square foot planted. Lemon Haze is generally a simple and forgiving plant to cultivate, which prefers warmer climates and comparatively high humidity levels to perform at its best.

(This article is intended for educational/entertainment purposes only and for readers in countries where cannabis cultivation and consumption are permitted by law.)

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