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Pot Profiles: Mango

Pot Profiles: Mango

By Grow How

If you haven’t experimented with Mango on countless occasions, you cannot consider yourself a cannabis connoisseur. Far from a newcomer to the scene, Mango is a truly legendary and iconic strain that’s been doing its thing worldwide for more than 50 years. The Mango strain that’s commercially available today has been modified significantly over the years – most notably in 1991. Having scooped up any number of prestigious awards over the years – including a prestigious gong at the 2002 High Times Cannabis CupMango has become something of a benchmark by which other strains are measured. Once again, if you haven’t experienced Mango for yourself, you’ve been missing out on something epic.

General Characteristics
In terms of general characteristics, everything about Mango simply oozes style and sophistication. THC content varies significantly from one batch to the next, though typically sits around the 20% mark. Nevertheless, it’s not uncommon for quality batches of Mango to test for as much as 24% THC.

During the flowering stage, Mango plants have the potential to produce the most enormous buds imaginable, with gorgeous greens, purples and yellows across the entire plant. Unsurprisingly, the fragrance is dominated by sweet and sultry Mango notes, with a beautiful herbal background and plenty of fresh earth. Depending on the batch, the fragrance and flavour profile can range from sour lemon to creamy mango to the richest and spiciest hash. The good news being that whatever you end up with, Mango is an absolutely delicious and decadent specimen you simply can’t get enough of.

Mango Effects
Mango has a tendency to be a bit of a creeper, which can take even seasoned smokers by surprise. The initial effect isn’t particularly overwhelming, instead instilling a sense of joy, contentment, calm and positivity. After which comes wave after wave of energy, optimism and creativity, making you feel like you can (and probably should) achieve something awesome. Far from having you flat out and unable to move, Mango is more likely to have your entire body tingling from head to toe with enthusiastic energy. Used strategically, Mango can be one of the best daytime smokes you’ll ever lay your hands on.

If you’re on a diet, however, Mango might be a strain to avoid for the time being.Plenty of cannabis strains trigger bouts of the munchies – this stuff will have you ravenous on a level you’ve never experienced before. So don’t be too surprised if you find yourself eating your bodyweight in junk food…and loving every minute of it!

Mango Medical Applications
Everything about Mango screams positivity, optimism and joy. Precisely why it has become such a popular choice among medical cannabis patients for the treatment of everyday depression and stress. Every negative thought you have is blasted into kingdom come after a couple of tokes, followed by several hours of blissful contentment. Mango is also a popular choice in medical cannabis circles for the treatment of chronic pain and everyday aches.

On the downside, Mango does have a tendency to bring on mind-race, so it might not be suitable for anyone who is prone to panic attacks or anxiety. Likewise, Mango should be approached with caution if you have a low tolerance to THC.

Growing Mango
Mango is a sneaky specimen to grow, giving the impression nothing is happening until the last moment. Flowering times aren’t particularly long – approximately 11 weeks – but it’s not until the later flowering stages that the buds burst into action. When they do, you could be looking at densely packed flowers the size of tennis balls…sometimes bigger.

Robust and resistant to most everyday issues, Mango is an easy specimen to grow indoors or outdoors, where weather conditions are relatively warm and consistent.

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