OGKB (more formally known as OG Kush Breath) is a hard-hitting indica-heavy hybrid with more than its fair share of selling points. Lending its linage to several award winning strains, OG Kush Breath routinely measures in with a THC content in the region of 25%. Renowned for its sedating effects, OG Kush Breath is a sure-fire bet when the only thing you’ve got on your mind is the couch…and enough snacks to feed a small army.

OGKB General Characteristics
OG Kush Breath plants produce the kinds of compact leaves you’d expect from an indica-leaning specimen, with a matte green appearance and a generous coating of white trichomes around the flowers. The buds themselves impress by way of both size and density, frosted with sticky trichomes for an icy appearance.

As a direct descendant of Girl Scout Cookies, you know what to expect from OG Kush Breath’s fragrance and flavour profiles. That quintessential aroma of fresh-baked cookies is right there in the mix, with hints of toasted nuts and an unmistakable minty freshness. These double fragrances are further intensified upon grinding, translating to a sweet and smooth smoke with a mouth-watering aftertaste. The delicious notes of OG Kush Breath are downright dangerous, given its potency.

OGKB Effects
OG Kush Breath has a hit that’s borderline psychedelic, getting to work on the brain before you’ve even exhaled your first hit. The whole thing gets to work like a tonne of bricks, with a huge sensation of pressure and pulsing around the temples and eyes. Give it a minute or so and you’ll already notice your sensory perceptions changing in a big way.

If you had any tasks in mind that require even a modicum of thought, you can forget about it. Try to handle anything more complicated than sitting back and listening to music and you’ll simply confuse yourself. The psychedelic high OG Kush Breath is notorious for is further enhanced with a head to toe feeling of relaxation and contentment. It’s not necessarily the most social strain on the market, but is pretty much unbeatable when you’ve time to kill and nothing important to do.

OG Kush Breath has box sets and binge-watching written all over it. Just ensure you’ve got plenty of snacks nearby, as it is notorious for bringing on next-level munchies.

OGKB Medical Applications
The potential medical applications of OG Kush Breath are wide reaching, encompassing everything from depression and anxiety to physical pain and muscle spasms. This is due to its capacity to instil a sense of heavy relaxation from head to toe, which also makes it a great choice for the treatment of insomnia and other sleep-related issues.

Anyone struggling with a poor appetite may find OG Kush Breath just the trick, which tends to bring on bouts of insatiable hunger after an hour or two.Surprisingly, it has also proved popular with medical cannabis users more prone to paranoia and panic attacks - even with such a high THC content.

Growing OGKB
It can be extremely difficult to track down quality OG Kush Breath seeds, so you will need to set yourself up with a decent cutting or two. If you do, you’ll be looking at a hardy and resistant specimen that’s best grown indoors. It’s also fine to set up with OG Kush Breath outdoors, if you live somewhere with a consistently hot and humid climate. The plants are short, bushy and easy to keep under wraps, completing the flowering process in approximately eight weeks.Yields are moderate, but with THC concentrations as high as 25%, it’s not as if you need a lot of it to get a taste for its effects.

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