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Pot Profiles: Orange Creamiscle

Pot Profiles: Orange Creamiscle

By Grow How

Some cannabis strains have the kinds of sweet and tempting names that set you up for a big disappointment. Then you have Orange Creamiscle, which has one of the most iconic and memorable flavour profiles of any strain on the market. Engineered by combining the genetics of Orange Crush and Juicy Fruit, Orange Creamiscle is a gentle and accessible strain that’s unbeatable for newcomers. THC content varies from 7% up to around 17%, so even at the top-end of the scale it’s unlikely to catch you off guard.

General Characteristics

True to its name, Orange Creamiscle buds are often dominated by glorious orange hairs that contrast beautifully with the moss-green flowers. Fabulously dense and rich in trichomes, the stick-white coating furthers the visual appeal of these pretty plants. The buds aren’t particularly large in size, though appear in generous quantities and are just about as dense as it gets.

As the flowering stage gets underway, the buds begin to emit an unmistakable citrus fragrance, with an appealing note of fresh berries in the background.There’s no specific spiciness or dankness to the fragrance, even when the buds are properly cured and broken up. It’s all about the fruity fragrance and citrus sharpness, which really comes to life on the inhale. The aftertaste leaves a pronounced flavour of juicy orange around the mouth, sometimes complemented with notes of vanilla and a rich creaminess that’s incredibly moreish.

Orange Creamiscle Effects

As already touched upon, the vast majority of Orange Creamiscle tends to have a relatively modest THC content. As such, the high is usually creeping and controllable, building slowly in and around the temples after a handful of hits.After this initial sensation of pressure, there’s a general mood uplift that sparks optimistic conversation and creativity. There’s nothing intensive or overwhelming about the cerebral effects of Orange Creamiscle whatsoever, which can easily be enjoyed while focusing on important tasks.

It’s the same story with the physical effects of Orange Creamiscle, which are equally enjoyable without becoming incapacitating. A delightful wave of relaxation and contentment makes its way throughout the body - perfect for taking the edge off a difficult day or stressful situation. Even with prolonged use, it’s rare for Orange Creamiscle to come close to instilling couchlock. Orange Creamiscle is an enormously popular daytime smoke and can do the business as a wake-and-bake staple, whenever the mood takes you.

Orange Creamiscle Medical Applications

The gentle therapeutic properties of Orange Creamiscle have made it a firm favourite among medical cannabis users worldwide. Particularly for those who lack the tolerance to deal with stronger, more incapacitating strains. Orange Creamiscle is able to quickly and effectively deal with moderate aches and pains, while at the same time combating everyday stress and anxiety. Those who’ve experimented with medical cannabis in the past and found it overwhelming (psychologically or physically) could find Orange Creamiscle an entirely different experience. It’s also suggested that the creamy-orange flavours of Orange Creamiscle are particularly pronounced and enjoyable when the flowers are consumed using a quality vaporiser.

Growing Orange Creamiscle

Orange Creamiscle seeds have been commercially available for some time now - cuttings are also relatively easy to get hold of. As a particularly robust and resistant specimen, Orange Creamiscle is usually a breeze to grow indoors or outdoors, wherever daytime temperatures between 70° F and 80° F can be maintained. The only caveat being the tendency for Orange Creamiscle plants to reach pretty enormous heights - even when trimmed and trained relentlessly during the vegetative stage. On the plus side, the size of the plants combined with a short nine-week flowering time adds up to what could be an immense harvest, with minimal involvement required.

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