Famed for her gorgeous green buds with the occasional hint of purple, Pinot Green is considered one of the finest strains to enjoy in the great outdoors. She also has a somewhat unpredictable THC content, making this a strain to approach with caution for the uninitiated. Still, if you can handle such a hard-hitter, Pinot Green is a must for all things outdoors.


General Characteristics

As you can see from the picture, Pinot Green is an absolute delight to look at. When the plants reach maturity, these buds develop the most beautifully woodsy greens and earthy tones. All punctuated with a fair amount of purple and a generous coating of crystal-white trichomes. The remarkable stickiness of Pinot Green gives some indication of her power and potency, with THC levels ranging from around 15% to as much as 25% in some instances.

Like a fine wine, Pinot Green has the kind of fragrance that warrants true appreciation. It’s a piney and earthy experience that transports you directly to the middle of a damp forest in the autumn. All of which is underpinned by a sizeable note of Skunk, which really bursts into life when the buds are broken. Set light to Pinot Green and things become more aromatic and exotic, leaving behind a nutty and slightly spicy aftertaste on the exhale. The smoke is dense and luxurious yet easy to handle, though does make this herb a difficult strain to keep under wraps where discretion is a priority.


Pinot Green Effects

It’s the Sativa genetics of Pinot Green that become most apparent straight away, manifesting in the form of an immediate cerebral uplift and a tendency towards mind-race. Thoughts fly by thick and fast, providing the energy and motivation needed to address a dull agenda. Pinot Green is more about energy and enthusiasm than outright euphoria, but there’s still a deep sense of optimism and contentment that accompanies the high.

After a while, the cerebral uplift is joined by a head to toe sense of physical relaxation. By which point, a certain degree of sensory distortions may occur - particularly with a stronger batch of Pinot Green. Not what you’d call an ideal daytime smoke, the tail end of the ride with this hybrid is all about laziness and indulgence. Again, score yourself a premium batch of this stuff and a little goes a (very) long way.


Pinot Green Medical Applications

Therapeutic applications for Pinot Green range from attention deficit disorders to everyday aches and pains. The initial cerebral uplift makes light work of mild depression and anxiety, while the physical body stone is perfect for getting to work on the muscles. Give things a few hours and Pinot Green can also be great for bringing on a great night’s sleep. That is, after at least a relatively ferocious bout of the munchies.

One word of warning - Pinot Green almost always triggers mind-race during the early stages of the high. An experience that may prove hard to handle for anyone with a low THC tolerance, or those with a history of panic attacks.


Growing Pinot Green

The Oregon Cannabis Authority is renowned for making it difficult to track down its specimens in seed form. With Pinot Green, it’s typically a case of landing yourself a cutting or you’re out of luck. Still, make the effort to track one down and you’ll be rewarded with a relatively simple cultivation process. Flowering times of around nine weeks, excellent yields, high potency and plants that looks as pretty as a picture.

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