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Pot Profiles: Serious Happiness

Pot Profiles: Serious Happiness

By Lisa Mortown

There are some cannabis strains with names so appealing you just can’t help yourself. After all, who wouldn’t jump at the chance to bring a little Serious Happiness into their life? Luckily, this is also a strain that delivers exactly as it promises. Engineered by combining the genetics of AK-47 and Warlock, Serious Happiness was born in the Netherlands and quickly became an international superstar. It’s one of the most beautifully balanced sativa/indica hybrids you’ll ever encounter and is a product of pure motivation. To such an extent that at the 2016 Master Seed Cup in Spain, it was named the most productive strain of the entire competition.

General Characteristics
Once again, Serious Happiness is a perfectly balanced 50/50 hybrid that combines everything you know and love about both sativa and indica strains. It’s not the kind of cannabis that’s going to knock you off your feet – think THC levels that top out in the region of 17%. Mellowed beautifully with a decent 1% or so CBD, Serious Happiness is a quintessentially controllable strain that’s built for epic enjoyment.

The flowers themselves manifest in an unusually flat configuration, with a somewhat spearmint-green colour profile and a super-generous coating of sticky trichomes. The fragrance is relatively modest until the buds are broken, at which time a super-spicy scent bursts into life. There’s also a huge hit of fruity sweetness when Serious Happiness buds are burned, backed by a sizeable undertone of black pepper. Think of the flavour a little like spiced candy and you’ll be on the right tracks.

Serious Happiness Effects
A few heavy hits of Serious Happiness and you’ll know exactly how it earned its name. It’s a slightly difficult experience to explain, but harks back to those moments in childhood where you were just the right amount of happy and hyper at the same time. Limitless energy, just a hint of euphoria and not a care in the world – all while feeling you can and probably will accomplish incredible things.

Creativity and motivation go hand-in-hand with Serious Happiness, which is guaranteed to leave you grinning like an idiot for no apparent reason. However, not to such an extent as to make it difficult to get on with your daily duties. It’s the perfect strain for hanging out with friends, firing yourself up before a party or injecting a little joy into a lousy day at work. It’s also one of the best early morning strains you’re ever likely to experience, making the perfect substitute for a jitter-inducing cup of coffee.

Serious Happiness Medical Applications
With properties like these, the potential medical applications of Serious Happiness are self-explanatory. As a fantastically balanced and controllable strain with a good dose of CBD, Serious Happiness is ideal for inexperienced users, or those with a low THC tolerance. The vast majority of psychological concerns are no match for Serious Happiness, which quickly gets to work on everyday anxiety, stress and mild depression. Daytime fatigue and muscle pains have also been known to respond incredibly positively to measured Serious Happiness consumption.

Of course, it’s not the most sensible strain to hit hard before bed – unless actually going to bed isn’t your intention for a good few hours at least.

Growing Serious Happiness
Sweetening the deal even further, Serious Happiness is a comprehensively simple strain to grow at home. Seeds and clones aren’t the easiest to track down, but nonetheless promise a simple and satisfying experience for growers at all levels.

Expect average flowering times of around nine weeks, followed by generous yields from relatively large plants. Indoors or out, Serious Happiness is a fantastically forgiving specimen that isn’t going to punish first-timers for the odd mistake or two.

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