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Pot Profiles: SFV OG

Pot Profiles: SFV OG

By Lisa Mortown

Over the years, OG Kush has lent its genetics to some of the most celebrated and successful strains to hit the commercial cannabis market. One of the most notable of which being SFV OG, which spent quite some time as a rare and treasured commodity. Originally available in cutting-form only, SFV OG was as difficult to get hold of as it was impossible to resist. Today, there’s far more SFV OG doing the rounds and it isn’t particularly difficult to track down. Its fame and reputation peaked back in 2012, when it took home the third-place award in the Indica category at the High Times Cannabis Cup. Since then, SFV OG has gone from strength to strength as a true force to be reckoned with.

General Characteristics
SFV OG has the potential to be an extremely potent specimen, with a THC content that varies significantly from one batch to the next. Anything from around 15% to far in excess of 20%, depending on how it was cultivated. The plants themselves aren’t particularly distinguishable, presenting all the quintessential indica characteristics you’d expect. One of the most appealing aspects of SFV OG for the home grower is the way in which the plants can be kept extremely small and compact, while still delivering surprisingly generous yields.

The third-place gong SFV OG picked up in 2012 wasn’t based exclusively on its effects. SFV OG is also renowned for its fabulously fruity fragrance, which bursts into life with a powerful hit of skunk when ignited. The smoke produced is so thick, harsh and cough-inducing that the vast majority of SFV OG fans prefer using a vaporizer to a bong or pipe. It’s a complex and enjoyable smoke with a unique flavour profile, but can nonetheless be a little too hard to handle. It’s also a difficult strain to keep under wraps, given the power and potency of the smoke it produces.

SFV OG Effects
As SFV OG has 100% Indica genetics, you know exactly what to expect from the high. There’s an immediate sense of calm, tranquillity and contentment, eliminating negative thoughts and everyday stress in an instant. After which, a deep feeling of relaxation and physical laziness begins making its way through the body to the very tips of every extremity. It’s not an incapacitating body stone as such, but is guaranteed to leave you feeling too heavy and lazy to accomplish a great deal.

This is why SFV OG is the quintessential evening or weekend smoke, when you’ve nothing to do but relax and unwind. It’s definitely not a strain for typical social situations, nor will it help you stay motivated during a boring afternoon at work.Give things a couple of hours and SFV OG is also likely to bring on a pretty extreme case of the munchies. As such, it’s worth stocking up ahead of time, as you’ll probably be too bone idle to move once it kicks in.

SFV OG Medical Applications
The medical applications of SFV OG are as clear and obvious as its recreational appeal. Along with eliminating negative thoughts and everyday stress in an instant, SFV OG is the perfect strain to put you on your back in a calm, controlled and enjoyable way. Whether struggling with sleep issues or simply out to relax body and mind for hours on end, you really can’t go wrong with a good batch of SFV OG.

Growing SFV OG
Unfortunately, SFV OG leans towards the more challenging end of the cultivation spectrum. Without perfectly balanced conditions (temperatures, pH levels, nutrients etc.), you’ll be looking at disappointing results at best. SFV OG is relatively quick to flower and produces good yields, but can nonetheless be very tricky to grow without plenty of experience.

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