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Pot Profiles: Sidetracked

Pot Profiles: Sidetracked

By Lisa Mortown

There are times when getting high really is about nothing more than getting as sidetracked as possible for a good few hours. Precisely where Sidetracked holds the kind of appeal that goes beyond most mainstream bud. Engineered in Oregon by combining the genetics of Silver Train and Gorilla Glue #4, Sidetracked has the kind of superstar lineage that speaks for itself. Plus, it goes without saying that if you know its parent strains, you know exactly what to expect from Sidetracked. This is a sativa-heavy strain that’s ideal for times when the only thing you want to do is nothing at all. All the while, enjoying every second of your near-narcotic inebriation.

General Characteristics
Sidetracked plants present all the typical sativa characteristics you’d expect, including dark green leaves, dense foliage and incredibly chunky buds. Expect a seriously generous coating of brilliant white trichomes as the flowers reach maturity, which contrast beautifully with the bright orange hair that sprout from all over the place.

The fragrance of mature Sidetracked is every bit as potent as its THC content.Averaging approximately 27% THC and with a fragrance that’s almost eye-watering, Sidetracked is by no means a strain for the uninitiated. Think a powerful combination of diesel, earth and skunk, with a heavy hit of spice and a pungent aftertaste that lingers for hours. Suffice to say, this is absolutely NOT a strain to go near if discretion is a priority…it stinks.

Sidetracked Effects

If you’re on the lookout for a motivating and energising daytime smoke, you can forget about adding Sidetracked to your stash box. Hit this stuff in the morning and you’ll be a no-show at anything you had planned for the rest of the day. Sidetracked may deliver an initial burst of focus, creativity and mental clarity, but the way this stuff gets to work on the body shortly afterwards is monstrous.

Sidetracked brings on the kind of relaxing head-to-toe body buzz that’s practically a temporary disability. It’s the kind of stuff that’s guaranteed to turn you into little more than a blob for several hours, where even the most menial tasks will seem beyond impossible. Nevertheless, the whole thing is accompanied by an overwhelming sense of contentment and positivity for the duration. You’ll be doing nothing, but it’ll be the most enjoyable and fulfilling nothing you’ve ever done.

Sidetracked Medical Applications
The relaxing properties of Sidetracked make it great for dealing with the vast majority of everyday aches and pains. It can also be great for bringing on a fantastic night’s sleep, or simply for coming down when stress and anxiety get the better of you. Somewhat legendary for bringing on insatiable bouts of the munchies, Sidetracked can be just the ticket for dealing with poor appetite. Just be sure to keep everything you need within arm’s reach, as venturing as far as the kitchen will eventually feel like scaling Everest.

Just be warned that with this kind of potency, Sidetracked could be a little on the overwhelming side for anyone with an underdeveloped THC tolerance.

Growing Sidetracked
Though Sidetracked is becoming more readily available all the time, it’s still relatively difficult to get hold of quality seeds or cuttings. Nevertheless, home growers can expect a relatively easy ride, followed by a surprisingly generous yield considering the potency of the stuff.

True to its name, Sidetracked is the kind of strain that will quickly take your mind off anything and everything that’s been bothering you for the duration. In fact, you’ll probably be so high you’ll forget what was bothering you in the first place, rather than simply not caring about it anymore.

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