Even if you’ve never heard of Sister Glue before, there’s a decent chance you’ve already tried it. That’s because Sister Glue is actually just Gorilla Glue #1 with a different name, having followed the example set by several siblings and changed its moniker. Sister Glue was engineered by combining the genetics of Chem’s Sister, Chocolate Diesel and Sour Dubb, creating an indica-heavy hybrid that’s a true crowd pleaser. Not to mention, a revered and celebrated strain among critics worldwide, having taken home any number of prestigious Cannabis Cup awards over the years.

General Characteristics
The general profile of Sister Glue reads like a checklist of everything you could ask for from a dream cannabis strain. Sister Glue flowers are simply stunning to look at, with beautiful hints of purple, characteristic dark yellow hairs and a generous layer of amber trichomes. THC levels of up to 30% are not uncommon, beautifully balanced by a generous 2% CBD content. Hence, Sister Glue has become a firm favourite among THC heavy hitters worldwide.

If all this wasn’t enough, Sister Glue also has the most fabulous flavour and fragrance profile imaginable. The flowers emit a powerful sour pine fragrance as they reach maturity, which bursts into life with plenty of fruity sweetness when broken. Set light to the buds and Sister Glue is dominated by grapes and berries, with a heavy hit of spice that’s even more pronounced on the exhale. Sister Glue is another strain that calls for extreme measures to be taken where discretion is a priority. Quite simply, keeping this stuff under wraps is borderline impossible.

Sister Glue Effects
Quite the opposite of a creeper, Sister Glue hits hard, fast and relentlessly. The initial effects can be quite overwhelming, though don’t let up for the duration.The good news being that this initial effect is one of uncontrollable joy and positivity – the kind of euphoria that actually makes it quite hard to function normally. Some recommend Sister Glue as a great daytime smoke for a burst of motivation, but you might find it difficult to keep your relentless optimism to yourself.

Give things a couple of hours and the initial burst of energy begins to subside, slowly giving way to a beautiful body stone with head-to-toe electric tingles. Sister Glue commonly leads to the kind of couchlock you’ve no say in – you simply have to go with it and enjoy the ride. Again, another reason why Sister Glue should be approached with caution as a daytime smoke. That is, assuming you have anything of importance to tackle in the near future.

Medical Applications
For some medical cannabis users, THC content really is all that matters. In which case, you really won’t go far wrong with a decent batch of Sister Glue.Despite packing a whopping 30% or so THC, the fact that it has a decent CBD content makes it surprisingly well balanced. It’s not the ideal strain for late-night insomnia relief, but quickly gets to work on stress and depression with just a couple of measured hits.

Of course, anyone with a low tolerance to THC or a history of panic attacks might want to approach Sister Glue with caution. The initial cerebral high almost always triggers racing thoughts, which can be tricky for some inexperienced users to handle.

Growing Sister Glue
Sister Glue is one of those fantastic strains that gives far more than it takes.Exceptionally easy to grow indoors or out with a flowering time of just eight weeks, expect generous yields and potency levels that are simply off the scale.

Just be sure to give Sister Glue plenty of room to grow, as the plants tend to be somewhat on the tall side as they approach maturity.

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