Bodhi Seeds are notorious for not letting a great deal of information slip about their latest and greatest strains. At least, not in terms of the hard scientific specifics, anyway. In the case of Sky Lotus, it goes without saying that this is yet another epic piece of engineering from one of the greats. Though still technically in its developmental stage, a fair amount of Sky Lotus has nonetheless found its way onto the commercial market. It’s a fantastically balanced hybrid that leans slightly towards the indica side, with a generous THC content and a fabulous flavour profile. It’s suspected that Sky Lotus is a descendant of Snow Lotus and a second unknown strain, but this is yet to be confirmed by its creators.

General Characteristics
There’s nothing particularly unique about Sky Lotus by way of aesthetics alone. The flowers present a predominantly mossy-green palette with a few hairs here and there and a fluffy coating of sticky resin. It can be a tricky bud to handle without a quality grinder, due to its huge trichome production during the later stages of flowering. Something that gives you an indication of the potency to expect - Sky Lotus often tips the scales at a whopping 30% THC.

Not only does it pack a serious punch, but Sky Lotus also has a fabulous fragrance and flavour profile. Dominated by sour citrus with plenty of earth and floral notes, it makes for a satisfying experience and a complex aftertaste. It’s also an extremely difficult strain to keep under wraps, given the strength of the aroma and the fact that it lingers indefinitely.

Sky Lotus Effects
The beautifully balanced genetics of Sky Lotus (whatever they may be) make for an enjoyable smoke for a relaxing evening. As you’d expect with a THC content as high as this, it definitely isn’t a strain for the uninitiated. The cerebral impact is both immediate and borderline overwhelming, making even the most shy and retiring stoners feel immediately sociable and self-assured.

You’re immediately transported to a world where everything is simply fantastic, coupled with relentless giggles that won’t quit. However, the whole thing quickly gives way to a feeling of deep and almost incapacitating relaxation. A feeling of warm electricity makes its way throughout the extremities, replacing motivation with a sense of complete and total laziness. You’ll most likely avoid outright couchlock, but getting motivated to do anything at all could prove tricky.

Sky Lotus Medical Applications
The uplifting properties of Sky Lotus have made it a popular choice for the alleviation of everyday stress, anxiety and mild depression. If you’ve had a lousy day at the office, one decent toke of this is enough to forget all about it.When the initial cerebral high begins to subside, the deep body stone makes Sky Lotus great for calming and relaxing the whole body from head to toe. Sooner or later, you find yourself primed for a fantastic night’s sleep - perfect for bouts of occasional insomnia.

That said, it’s worth remembering that Sky Lotus has a THC that may be far too high for inexperienced users. Particularly if you are susceptible to panic attacks or paranoia, you’ll need to approach this heavy-hitter with caution.

Growing Sky Lotus
Unsurprisingly, the folks at Bodhi Seeds aren’t giving the game away where cultivation of Sky Lotus is concerned. Nevertheless, word on the street is that Sky Lotus takes approximately nine weeks to flower, after which yields can be surprisingly generous considering the minimum effort required. As Sky Lotus plants tend to grow relatively high, you’ll need a decent amount of space to deal with them indoors.

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