Famed for creating unashamedly exquisite strains with true connoisseurs in mind, the Washington Bud Company hit another home run with this thing. Sky Master was engineered by combining the genetics of two of the most iconic strains of recent history - Blue Dream and Master Kush. As you’d expect, this sativa-heavy hybrid is all about mental clarity, motivation and the energy you’ll need to achieve just about anything. Particularly when you consider the THC content of this stuff, which is as close as it gets to being completely off the scale.

General Characteristics
First things first, land yourself a decent batch of Sky Master and a little goes a very long way. With a THC content that often exceeds 30%, this stuff really is the definition of a heavy-hitter. If all this wasn’t enough, Sky Master plants are also absolutely spectacular to look at as they begin to flower. Expect a rich tapestry of olive greens, hints of orange and occasional blue undertones, interspersed with red pistils and finished with a glorious coating of golden trichomes.

Speaking of which, Sky Master produces such a generous coating of resin that you’ll find it very difficult to handle without a decent grinder. On the nose, Sky Master presents a complex fragrance that encompasses fresh berries, mild mint and sometimes even a hint of apricot. There’s a more pronounced hit of pine when the buds are burned, along with a delightful floral aftertaste that lingers for hours. Despite the density and potency of the smoke, it’s surprisingly gentle and palatable on the inhale.

Sky Master Effects
It’s not hard to say too many fantastic things about a strain like Sky Master. In a nutshell, you take a couple of hits of Sky Master and suddenly realise you’re completely and utterly on top of the world. Irrespective of how lousy you may have been feeling, it’s a distant memory in a matter of seconds. Along with an explosion of happiness and contentment, you also find yourself fired up with the motivation and energy to get just about anything done. To such an extent that even the most boring chores suddenly become far more interesting pursuits.

All of the above makes Sky Master perfect for an energising wake and bake, or to keep you going during a painful afternoon at the office. That said, you’ll want to approach it with caution, as one toke too many and you won’t know what to do with yourself.

Sky Master Medical Applications
On the medical side of things, Sky Master is one of the most outrageously effective strains available for dealing with everyday stress and mild depression.With its whopping THC content and a decent amount of CBD to boot, this stuff makes light work of whatever ails you. It’s also a popular strain for the treatment of mild aches and pains, along with bouts of nausea and daytime sleepiness.

Needless to say, an intensive head-hitting strain like this isn’t for anyone with an underdeveloped THC tolerance. It’s notorious for bringing on pretty relentless mind-race during the early stages in particular, so could be too much to handle for those prone to anxiety or panic attacks.

Growing Sky Master
Getting hold of a batch of Sky Master is difficult, but cuttings seem to be doing the rounds quite nicely. It’s also definitely worth making the effort to track it down, being a relatively easy strain to grow that promises the most remarkable payoff. Even if the final harvest is relatively modest, you really don’t need much of this stuff to propel yourself straight through the stratosphere.

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